Monday, January 1, 2018

Photo Dump: to warm(ish) days and 14 months

When I went to upload the few photos I took of Christmas, which I'll share tomorrow, I realized I had never taken out photos from October. Whoops. So I figure I'll share those now because everyone likes pictures of my kids being adorable. 

What is becoming an annual thing for us is going to the Burch Barn in Spooner, WI. It's a bit of a drive from where we live, but it's just long enough that if we leave at nap time, Penelope and Lucy at least get an hour or so of nap before we get there. They close around 5 so it's really the only way we can make this work while they both still need a nap. (And they 100% do... good gravy.) 

It really is geared towards smaller kids but the big kids are really good sports and hang out with the littles and help them around. 
Jackson says every year that there is no reason Grandpa Fred can't have all of this stuff in his yard. I wonder if he mentions that? They would want to go out every weekend! 
Olivia and Penelope went down the slide a lot. There is a larger gunny sack slide that they went down together but I couldn't manage down the hill to get their picture.  
I somehow managed to get the perfect picture of Penelope. I feel kind of terrible because Olivia and Jackson used to go everywhere with me when they were small, so they were always behaved really well out and about, and they were used to rules and getting in and out of the car, etc. Penelope and Lucy rarely leave the house because I rarely leave the house. I feel pretty terrible and while it's winter now, so that brings it's own challenges, I am going to make a real effort to do more with them outside of the house next year.  
The favorite part of Burch Barn, the part that I think for sure Grandma and Grandpa should have at their house is the corn pit. Dried corn everywhere and the kids love it. 
Lucy was having the time of her life, despite having a runny nose from the cold.  
The perfect picture of Jackson, clearly having the time of his life as well.  
Olivia is the best big sister in the whole world. I'm toying with the idea of letting her babysit the two littles, by herself, to earn extra cash. That way I can go grocery shopping or maybe Matt and I can go to lunch on the weekend. Nothing too crazy where we'd be gone more than an hour or two, but she wants to babysit and I'm nervous to let her loose on other people's kids until I know she can handle these two. Honestly, if you can handle Penelope and Lucy, you can handle anyone.  
Penelope enjoyed "falling" into the corn and hogging all of the buckets. She had a rough afternoon learning how to share with other kids.  
Lucy enjoyed being buried and she was always confused where her feet went.  
And no, I'm not some terrible mother who doesn't have shoes for her kids. You can't wear shoes in this pit and Penelope and Lucy have these MukLuk boots I got on Zulily for CHEAP ($7 a pair!!) but they don't wear socks with them normally.  
My two bigs. These kids are the best helpers in the whole world.  
Normally Olivia's grumpy face and Penelope's back to me would have made me delete this, but I don't have nearly enough pictures of Lucy's "excited" face. She makes this face and her whole body shakes when she's excited about something. Usually food, but occasionally other things warrant the cute reaction. 
You guys!! They had BABY GOATS and don't you think for a second I didn't wish I was able to run because it wasn't that far of a haul to the van. I could have had a baby goat!  
All of the kids got to feed goats, Jackson was the best at it.  
Penelope was a little bossier about it and kept shoving food in the poor goat's mouth saying "eat it". Thankfully these goats were apparently hungry because they all came over to her. They also had piglets and Penelope commented that they were dirty and stinky. 

She wasn't wrong.  
We played with the Connect Four outside.  

Overall it was a pretty great day. By the time we got home everyone was pretty tired but the fresh air was good for all of us. 

I also forgot that I took these pictures as part of Lucy's 14 month folder. (I have a folder on my computer for every month up until 2 and then it's by year)
 Jackson has always been our resident marker sucker but Lucy has discovered a love of Crayola's Color Wonder markers. I often find her hiding in my office, in the dog bed, sucking markers. 
 This is the face I get if I ask her what she thinks she's doing. 
Then she sits back down and colors like she should be doing. She's the silliest, but sweetest, little love bug there ever was. 

Tomorrow I'll share photos from the Strand Family Christmas!

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, Lucy is too cute - that whole "what me?" face with the markers is seriously like my niece Lily, except she'd be shaking her head all 'no no' LOL

Looks like you had a fun time at the farm. OMG baby goat!!

That would be great for your oldest to watch the little ones for a bit. Give you a break.