Thursday, January 4, 2018

Random musings from the homestead

It seems like forever since I've just chatted with you, so let's do that.


  • Matt is fixing the upstairs bathroom shower pipe thingie. Apparently it's a nightmare because the guy who we bought the house from fancied himself a handyman and (spoiler alert) he was not. A lot of things are done really wrong in the house and we are fixing them as we find them but this is a nightmare. I'm hearing swear words, loud grinding that shakes the entire house, and he's opened a hole in Jackson's closet. I just.. I'm just hoping this is done by bedtime. BUT! I will be grateful when it's done because for weeks now it started as a drip, to a steady drip, to sounding like someone is peeing all of the time in the tub. I can't sleep like this. 
  • Olivia has her first band concert at school in like 15 days. She is practicing the flute non stop and I hate the flute. I strongly suggested she do choir, but nope. She wanted flute. I think she hates me and is doing this on purpose. 
  • Olivia also wants to babysit SO badly, but I'm nervous about turning her loose on someone else's kids without knowing if she can do it. I talked with her for awhile about babysitting Penelope and Lucy for an hour or two, alone, to get a feel for it and see how comfortable she feels. I'd pay her, obviously, and that was all she cared about. So we'll see. I'm confident she can do it but I'd like to know how well she can handle it on her own without me here as backup. 
  • Matt got me a Tyme Iron for Christmas. I've been mesmerized by the how to videos on YouTube for years. I almost never do my hair and I cannot operate a curling iron, but I can use a flat iron, so I figured this would be a breeze. It is not. It's really effing hard and I hurt my elbow trying. I just want pretty girl hair. 
  • Something loud just crashed upstairs and the expletives are flying. So glad I didn't clean the bathroom earlier, it sounds like it would have been for nothing. 
  • I just started reading a really cool book that's about a man in a vegetative state who is fully aware, just unable to communicate with people. I didn't think it would be a tough read but man... I'm on chapter two and it's a gut punch and makes me feel a little panicky. 
  • I am SO glad my sister in law got me fingerless gloves for Christmas- I wear them a few times every day and it really helps with my hands not turning purple. I'm supposed to keep my hands warm and that's tough because I can't regulate my temperature well and these really help. 
  • I joined a Beachbody team and I'm going to start the YouV2 program. I hoped to do it tonight but I feel like I'm going to barf on myself so probably not. Instead, I'll do my recumbent bike and listen to hip hop from the 2000s because that's where it's at this week. 
  • I found a mom on a Facebook group I'm in who got NOTHING for Christmas from her family. I felt really terrible so I'm mailing her a box of fun stuff. I need to get to the post office and do that. That will be my random act of kindness this week. 

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Lauren said...

Okay first off...that poor mom! Her family sounds horrible. That's really sweet of you to mail her stuff though.

I hope the shower is fixed by now; it sounds really awful and annoying. I hate the sound of water just dripping.

That book seems really intriguing, but I can see why it would make you a bit panicky to read. I can't even IMAGINE living like that.

Ooh fingerless gloves! I really need some because my hands and feet are cold almost all the time, so wearing those while on the computer and just generally doing anything would be awesome. :)