Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Winter is long and it's killing me.

I hate living in Wisconsin more than anything. More than vegetable. I hate it more than vegetables, lambs. It's serious, my hatred of Wisconsin. I'd move but Matt really likes his job here and we aren't going to find a place that is as good to us as they are so we stay. 

But I hate it. 

I'm stuck in this house and there are only a few moments that I venture out, mostly for medical appointments. It's cold and I'm a Florida born girl through and through. 

I often see people with seasonal bucket lists and I always feel like it I made one for winter, maybe I wouldn't hate it so much, but I'm also lazy through and through. But here's what we've done so far: 

 Jackson got his hair cut and spends over an hour in the bathroom every morning to achieve this look. I don't understand it but whatever, he gets up at 5 a.m. every day just to do this so at least I don't have to fight him to get up in the morning, I'm considering it a win. 
I hate winter, I believe I've mentioned this. But one day it was warmish so Matt took the girls out when I took Jackson to tennis. Lucy had never worn boots or snow pants so that was an experience all on its own.  
 Penelope was all about it but didn't understand why we were insistent on her wearing mittens. She learned pretty quickly that snow is cold. 
 Then Matt decided to load the girls (including kid of the year Olivia who helps so much with the girls) and drag the sled down the road. Lucy was loving it... Penelope not so much. 
 She also is difficult to take a picture of, this is what I get when I say, "Penelope, smile for mom!". 
Lucy, on the other hand, is pretty damn cute. We're a week away from 18 months old, I can hardly believe it. 


Lauren said...

Yeah, Winter is not my favorite season, I have to say. LOL It's way too cold to do a whole lot which is a bummer as I don't want to be cooped up all the time, unless it's my choice. :)

Aw, the kids are too cute! Glad they (mostly) had fun in the snow. That's hilarious about Jackson and his hair, but hey, if he gets up on his own, that's awesome.


Julie H said...

I live in California and I'm so over winter. It's been mostly foggy/overcast for the whole month of January.