Monday, February 19, 2018

18 months

I know I say it every month but it doesn't feel like Lucy can be 18 months already but then I think cripes, it's only been 18 months?!

I'll admit Lucy is maybe my favorite baby out of all of them simply because she is so easy. She's all about a meal, she loves to be snuggled, she likes to help and follow directions, she loves to play toys. She's really a textbook easy baby, what you would all want your first (or last) baby to be like.
We've decide she is Penelope's twin, my mom and I have a hard time telling the difference between Penelope's older photos and Lucy's current. It doesn't help that Lucy is wearing all of Penelope's old clothes so I can't even use that as a clue. 
She has the best personality out of all of them, a really good mix. She's got Olivia's sweetness and need to help/follow the rules, Jackson's quiet nature but love of snuggles, and Penelope's dramatics. 
I can't even lie and tell you that during the day I don't have a favorite because I do: Lucy. Lucy is SO MUCH EASIER to handle and deal with than Penelope. Penelope is a bull in a china shop, high demand, bossy, and has now taken up hitting so that's fun. Lucy just goes with the flow and is content to play Little People all day with small breaks for meals. 
Her favorite thing right now is to imitate whatever Penelope is doing, good or bad, except that she will actually listen to the word "no". 
On Tuesday she goes for another check of her heart murmur since it's still there and strong as ever. Better safe than sorry. My only real concern for her is the fact she doesn't talk. At all. All of my other kids were saying some kind of words, babbling at the minimum, long before this point so I don't know what my next step is. I have a call into the Birth to 3 program for a speech evaluation but I'm almost afraid to call her back and schedule it because I'm in denial that there might be something wrong. She can hear us just fine, and every once in awhile you hear what kind of sounds like "yeshhh" for "yes" but she does it so quietly you can hardly hear her. Sigh. But man... you can't help but love this baby, she's the best of everyone combined.


Life Love & High Heels said...

I love picture posts! I'm sure she's not talking, because Master P does too much talking! She'll find her voice ;)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, Lucy is such a cutie. I have two nieces and a nephew - all from my brother and his wife -and their youngest, Lily, is totally the easiest/best so far. LOL I mean, I love them all, but she's just easy!! I hope everything is okay with Lucy and the talking - sometimes kids are just really delayed!