Friday, February 16, 2018

Photowall and Bedroom Makeover

Since moving into our house four years ago, almost five, we have updated and painted every single room. Except our bedroom. I've been at a loss because I didn't know what I wanted to do, the room is kind of small so I didn't know where to put things. It's a god awful shade of dirty blue right now with the ugliest wallpaper on the lower half of the wall.

It's just bad.

So a few weeks ago I was approached about Photowall prints and I was immediately intrigued because I had been looking for some kind of art to put on the closet wall, and I wanted it beachy but not cheesy. I already had a lot of moody black and white stuff downstairs and in our room I really want it to be calming and relaxing. So I went through and decided that instead of uploading my own photo (I had one from our recent trip to Florida), I found one of their stock photos that I really loved more. The bonus? The colors in it matched a pallet sign I had made months ago and my comforter.


So I ordered it and it arrived within a week. I was pretty impressed at how quickly it came. I ordered a canvas (you choose the size you want) wrapped onto a wooden frame. To keep shipping costs low the frame comes for you to assemble, with really easy to follow instructions. To say easy? Means even I could do it.
 Our first step was to lay the canvas down, add your frame pieces...
 ... have your husband do it so you can take photos....
... and voila! Your frame is assembled within five minutes!

You guys, the end result? STUNNING.
Photos do not do this picture justice. It came with the wall mount hardware too, which made it easy to get up onto your wall .
I tried to take some side photos so you can see how the canvas wraps around the frame beautifully,
but also so you can see the detail. From afar the water almost looks 3D. It's so pretty and it looks so great up on my wall.
The best part is its on my side of the room so it's the first thing I see, but it's also the first thing someone would see coming into our room. Those are the colors I want around my room, this picture is going to be my makeover inspiration!

But let's talk ugly- this wallpaper!
There is just so much of it and I know I don't have the time or patience to remove it, which is why I haven't done anything yet. It's even got a slight shimmer to it. *shudder* Can I just paint over it? I don't care if the wall ends up textured as I'm painting it a sand color so it would be kind of cool to have the texture but... do I get brave and just paint over it? What do I do??

If you're interested in doing your own art print, or choosing something out of their extensive catalog, you can get a 20% discount using code StrandUpdateCampaign2018 during the next 30 days. It's such a great deal and a pretty great company with fantastic customer service should the need arise. You can upload a photo you've taken of some great scenery, your kids, whatever and have it printed on canvas to whatever size you need. OR you can be like me and decide to leave it to the professionals because they clearly know what they are doing. There are SO many amazing images to choose from, I had it narrowed down to 21 and then kept trimming it down until I decided on this one.

Have you redone your bedroom? Any advice for me? Should I go with a blue blue or a sea blue/green for the top half of my walls?


jn said...

Absolutely beautiful artwork !! I can see it being calm and serene. You don't say what your comforter looks like. I'm all about taking card stock and putting it around the picture to get a feel for what different colors would look like and I know you have card stock ! The wall paper could be pretty easy to take off. Dick and I did it in several rooms in our house. I'm sure you can get some good hints of how to on Pinterest. You could also type in beachy bedrooms or such in a Pinterest search and see what comes up. They have some awesome ideas for decorating rooms. Have fun, and remember it's a work in progress. Take your time....

Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

What a beautiful photo. I grew up in the pacific and I miss this blue water something crazy! I love that you get to see it everyday. Cant wait to see what you do next!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

The picture looks awesome!

mypixieblog said...

It’s beautiful! I totally lol’d at “have your husband do it so you can photograph “—this is my relationship in a nutshell :) I’ll likely have to come to you for advice when we purchase our first home and need to make design changes.

Penny @ Penny's Passion said...

That is truly stunning! Way to go! Great choice of picture.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I think a sea/blue green might look kind of nice. LOVE the photo you choose - sometimes those offered are the best. The water really does look 3D and I love that.


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I love that picture! It gives me a calm feeling looking at it, so having it in your room is a great place to put it!