Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sensory play when it's too cold for your eyeballs.

If you are anything like me, the worst part of winter for someone who hates nature and outdoors, is that it is too cold to go outside. I know there are really great moms who put on winter gear and play in the snow with their toddlers. They take them for walks, get them used to the elements, and they don't hate their life while doing it. 

I am not that mom. 

I strongly dislike the cold, the wind, the snow. I am not meant to live in northern Wisconsin, yet here I am. I'm stuck here because my husband loves his job and I have this goal of all of my kids having a home town, graduating from a school system they've been apart of since preschool. Having friends that they know into adulthood, and all of that. 

I parent by guilt and by making up for what I didn't have, basically. So far that's worked pretty well. But there are times like now, when I'm basically stuck at my house and I feel guilty because Penelope and Lucy are getting a "lesser quality mom" than Olivia and Jackson had and I feel terrible. Some days it isn't so bad, some days it feels like it eats me alive. 

On this day, the natives were restless so I did what any mom ready to go insane would do. 
 She brings snow into the house and puts it in a little container to play in. Break out the mittens girls, because we're going to build a snowman. In the dining room. 
 It was a super fun idea for a full ten minutes and then all hell broke loose over a tablespoon and a bowl. 
 I couldn't just produce a second of these items, it had to be THAT blue bowl and THAT purple tablespoon. 
 I tried hard with a pink shovel. 
 While we were supervising the "sharing" I realized that Penelope was scooping snow into the kinetic sand container so that got ruined. My yard had a bunch of pink kinetic sand waiting to be cleaned up in the spring. 

Who am I kidding? That stuff will probably blow away or disintegrate right there, I have never swept my patio. 
Lucy just wanted to eat it which brought more concern because I did not check the snow quality and we have a dog. You do the math. It worked out because as I said, hell broke loose and the snow fun was over within ten minutes anyways. 

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Lauren said...

Aww...little kids and their lack of sharing! LOL I love this idea though, even if it only lasted ten minutes. I could see my niece and nephew fighting over that particular shovel, etc. and they're older than your youngest!