Thursday, March 29, 2018

Week in the Life: school assignments and toddlers gone wild

I feel like we haven't done a whole lot, and I maybe have already shared these, but I didn't move them in my computer files so maybe I didn't. So let's talk anyways. 

The girls are getting to the point where they like to have their hair done, an improvement from screaming while it happened. But Lucy especially wants to be a big girl and have as Penelope has dubbed it, "a tony tail". She's very proud of it and occasionally pats her head to make sure it's still there.  
 Jackson continues to win Big Brother of the Year awards because 98% of the time, Penelope and Lucy give him such a hard time and are little monsters for him. On this day Lucy sat there with her doodle pad and she wanted Jackson right there
 So he sat there and offered help when she got frustrated. Then she hugged  him and then promptly refused him to hug her back. You'll notice her tony tail, right? 
 Olivia had a class assignment to make a crap ton of cupcakes. I convinced her to make mini cupcakes and to be fair, I didn't supervise the mixing of her ingredients. I'm no Martha Stewart, but I have never had cupcakes deflate into themselves. 

Needless to stay we were up far later than I wanted to be making a different batch. 
 Lucy likes baked good and she'll smile like this when she's being goofy. 
Don't let this innocent face fool you- we found a place that does pre-pre-school two days a week for a few hours starting in the fall. You bet your ass I'm sending her in the fall. She's a LOT of work. I'm pretty sure we're coming out of her terrible two's (just as Lucy is starting hers) but even still, the bad days are far outweighing the good ones. I think she needs more structure than I can give her. 

I need some good ideas for activities that both girls can do. So many that I've found on Pinterest have small things Lucy will absolutely try to eat, or there are things that require far more patience than I have anymore. The search continues. 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, Lucy's little tony tail. That's adorable! And Jackson is such a good brother!! I have never seen cupcakes do that...did they taste bad? LOL I'd just have put tons of icing on it and voila!
I think pre-school sounds like a great idea for Penelope. I think she'll really enjoy it, and structure is good. It's hard to get that at home no matter what I think!
Hmm...I'll have to search for activities both girls can do!