Thursday, March 1, 2018

You've got 9 more days!

One of the greatest days of the year is March 10- and everyone knows it's MY BIRTHDAY. Unlike some people who are all modest, I am not. I want all of the presents. I wants cards. I want flowers, and balloons, and FUSS. 

I want fuss. 

Someday I want a damn surprise birthday party but I'm throwing that out there now because 40 is just down the road, lambs. 

But because I want all of the presents, it's time we talk about the 

1. Eye Vac Professional Vacuum
I saw one of these at the salon while getting my hair done and I feel like I wouldn't hate my life so much with one of these. I sweep every day and I'm just so damn sick of it. 

2. Michael Kors Purse
I kind of eye this baby up every time I go to the store. I'd like a matching wallet too but I won't get greedy.  It's SO PRETTY. 

3. Coach Perfume
You guys know I'm a sucker for Coach perfume and this one smells fruity and divine. 

4. iPhone Arm Band
This isn't anything fancy but I really need something to hold my iPhone 6 my keys, license/YMCA card, etc. I don't want to carry all of the stuff from station to station but I don't want to get a locker, either so this would be a good balance. 

6. Blowfish Shoes
I really want them in Black and Cocoa, size 8, but black is my immediate need. Blowfish shoes are SO comfortable. 

7. Awesome Water Bottle
My CamelBak had an unfortunate incident in the dishwasher. I don't want to talk about it. 

I need socks like you wouldn't believe. Olivia keeps stealing my socks and I'm left with things that have holes. If I got rid of them I'd have no socks at all! 

9. Gift Cards!
Ulta: Because I need new makeup... badly. 
Maurices/Old Navy/Lane Bryant/Kohl's: because I need new clothes... badly
Barnes & Noble/Amazong: Because OBVIOUSLY

10. Book Ends
I need a couple sets of book ends. Let's just say my method of using cups and paperback books is not going to cut it much longer and I need to spring for some actual, grown up bookends. 


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