Monday, April 2, 2018

A week in the life: Zoo, Babies, and Big Bird

Last week was SUCH a long week, it felt like it was never going to end. 
 Last week was a week of almost no naps for this stinker. She takes maybe a fifteen minute nap, just long enough for me to fall asleep, and then she starts singing away. I have to go get her so she doesn't wake Lucy up, who really needs a nap. I'm not ready to go down to no naps. How could you NOT want to nap? 
 Lucy is officially 20 months old now and it feels so weird to think in just 4 months she's going to be 2. I can't even wrap my head around it. I felt like her first year was a blur that I missed but I feel that even more so with this year. I wonder if she's always going to be like that because my memory isn't so sharp? 
 She absolutely loves baby dolls and does a great job as a little mama. On this day it was right after their bath and she climbed up on the rocking chair and was rocking her baby, alternately giving it hugs and kisses. It's kind of amazing how they are just naturally nurturers. 
 She will now smile on command! Mostly. This was in the morning, much too early for a nap, and she was already dozing off. I was trying to keep her awake and happy. 
 Clutching Big Bird for dear life with one arm and her milk in the other, she was content to sit there and watch this show on Netflix called Little Baby Bum, it's just a bunch of nursery rhymes and songs. She absolutely loves it. 
 On Saturday the zoo was having their annual Easter event and we took the littles since it was a fairly nice day. Lucy was all about walking around on her own but wouldn't smile AND open her eyes at the same time for me. 
 Penelope thought the bronze statues were real animals. 
She liked the goat one the best. ATTA GIRL! 

I really hope this week isn't horrendous. Today I have my eye appointment, apparently when you have a stroke in your left occipital lobe, you are supposed to go to the eye doctor to measure for eye damage. I have a vague memory of hearing about that but didn't think there was anything wrong with me, obviously. (A trend in my AFE aftermath, you'll notice.) It's become blatantly obvious that my vision isn't what it once was and I'm having to wear my glasses more than ever before... even to watch TV. It comes and goes so clearly I need to be seen. I also get to go to Rheumatology today because they think all of my intestinal issues is either RA related or Methotrexate toxicity... even though my labs say otherwise. Nobody knows what to do with me so I'm seeing someone new I guess. I'm fairly certain my issues are not Rheumatology related and that I need to see Gastroenterology because I was having these issues long before I went to Rheumatology. 

But what do I know? Wish me luck. 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

I hope all of your appointments went well today, and I hope this is a much quicker week for you. Aw, it's crazy that Lucy is almost two. My youngest niece turns two in June and it's just insane!! And seriously - these kids need to learn that naps are amazing.