Thursday, April 26, 2018

Is it really spring? Like for reals this time?

The last week in northern Wisconsin  has been pretty decent. I won't say great because I reserve that for shorts and flip flop weather, but it's been decent. We had a day there where I rode around town with my sun roof open and I got cocky because now it's back down into the 40's. 

But Matt and I ordered a big slide/climber thing for our yard because in the summer our park gets crowded with big kids who aren't always gentle with a couple of toddlers and this way, once we fence the yard in, I can let them play and have fun without worry. So while that was being shipped, we made do with what we had. 
Including the one bubble gun everyone fights over. 

We've gone on family lunch dates again like we usually did on Saturdays. It's been nice. 
 This last week I took pictures of Lucy because she was especially happy and cute. 
 And excited for food. If you ask her to show you her excited face, this is what she does and shakes as she does it. 

We came home to play outside on our old/smaller slide/climber. 
 It served us well for two years. 
 But it's a little small for even Lucy, so it was time for something a little bigger. 
 That arrived on a semi truck this week and Matt was outside until 9:30 at night putting it all together so the girls could play on it on Wednesday. It's hard to tell but Lucy's face is kind of priceless in this picture!
 They had a great time on it! We're hoping to move it to the front yard once the fence goes in but for now, right by the back door is just fine. 
And another of Lucy who I think was trying to say "cheese". 

But tonight we are going to grill for the first time because I have some burgers to use up and the wind isn't off the lake quite yet. This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, and Sunday is Penelope's birthday so we are going to do a little family get together and then Matt and I are going to dinner and a show for a date. I'm pretty excited, I might even dress up. We'll see. 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Happy birthday to Penelope. Lucy's excited face is too cute! And that's great you got a bigger slide for the little ones. They look like they love it!
I hope your weekend plans aren't too messed up with everything happening where you live - stay safe though!