Monday, June 18, 2018

School is OUT!

So I'm like two weeks late, nobody should be surprised here. But I did take some pictures so I'll share them now before I forget and suddenly it's the beginning of next school year. 

 Jackson is officially a fifth grader now having successfully completed fourth grade. He apparently grew three inches this year and he doesn't believe it (neither do I) but he said he's kind of nervous for next year. I'm not, I think he will be just fine it's his first year of middle school I worry about. 
 I volunteered at his school in the afternoon for their Celebrate Success, as I always do, and I try to be out at the DJ booth area so I can take a picture of the kids with their friends. I got Jackson with all of his very best friends. 
 I love looking through all of the paper stuff he brings home at the end of the year. He had to make a book about transportation so I quickly skimmed through it and I loved his dedication. 
 I also loved this page because he had to specify which one was his mom and which was his dad. Nice, kid. 
 This was my favorite. Apparently at some point this year (probably on a birthday I'm assuming) they the kids all got to shout out things about Jackson that describe him and his teacher laminated it for him. I put it in his scrapbook but I thought these were all super accurate of him. Shares snack, best classmate ever, nice to people, always there for me, good at cleaning- these all made me smile the most. 

I wasn't awake when Olivia went to the bus in the morning so we had to take her last day picture after school. 
She finished sixth grade like a champ and managed to get all A's in all three trimesters in every class. Not that I'm surprised, she's the perfectionist in the group and she's naturally very smart. She got to go to ValleyFair (theme park) the day before because she's a "Super Spartan" meaning she got good grades and no trouble all year. I guess her and her friends had a great time and it was her first time there so I'm glad they had so much fun. I sent her with $80, she came back with $5 so I'm glad I sent her with more because some of her friends didn't bring enough money for lunch and water so she helped them out. 

They both had such a great year, I'm so glad we got through this year with as little drama as possible. Onto next year! Jackson's last year in elementary school and Olivia starts Spanish class next year! 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Congrats to both the kids! I'm glad school went well for them. That page with shout outs to Jackson is so cute. And that's sweet that Olivia helped some friends at the theme park with food/drinks.