Monday, July 2, 2018

Summer fun, family love

We are having a pretty good summer already and it's hard to believe the first month of it is done! This month is going to be pretty packed with stuff, but I wanted to share some June photos I had on my phone. 
 Penelope is in a phase where she likes to fully tackle someone to give them a hug and often squeezes their neck until they can't breathe. Jackson has been a frequent target. 
 She is also big into doing Jackson's hair. Thankfully he's a pretty good sport some of the time. But as much as he hates having it documented in a photograph, I have to have something to show future girlfriends. 
 Penelope and Lucy had their first freeze pops. I know there is a lot of debate on what these are called but we've always called them freeze pops so there. 
 Lucy likes them the best and will diligently try to squeeze it up but she often needs help. 
 Oh- her big love this summer? The big red car. She can't move in it but she's fully happy to just sit in it and occasionally beep the horn. 
Meanwhile Penelope sits on the tricycle and though it takes her a try or two she can go forward, very slowly, this year. Not that we have a ton of space to roll because she isn't into putting effort to go in the grass, but it's progress I suppose. She'd rather run around chasing people with water guns. 

This week I have posts about our first summer bucket list item, a Kesha concert, possibly a Fourth of July recap, and then something about my Grandma, who we will celebrate her life and mourn her death on Friday. Miss her already. 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm glad you're having a good summer so far. Love freeze pops - classic of summer. Aw, Jackson is such a good sport! I can't wait for your upcoming posts!


Julie H said...

Sorry to hear about grandma :(

My kids thought that they just sat in the car and someone pushed them around lol