Monday, July 30, 2018

Tennis and Disaster

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All during the school year Olivia does dance and I always feel like she gets all of our time because of it. In the summer the tables turn and Jackson does tennis and it's literally every day. We actually just finished up six weeks of tennis, two of those weeks we had morning AND afternoon tennis. He absolutely loves it and it's so cool that he's found his thing. Last year I thought he wasn't bad but this year he's really gotten pretty good.
The morning tennis place is in the next city over and I basically sit there with a book (an uninterrupted hour of solid reading?! YES, PLEASE!) and watch him do skills drills as they rotate courts. A lot of the kids are just there because their parents are making them be there and they hate every second of it, but Jackson is listening and eager to learn. The coaches all really liked him because he often was the only one in his group paying any attention at all.
I was really surprised though because he's actually pretty good. He was hitting a lot of the balls and during their games and matches, he did a pretty great job. It's pretty fun. He's bummed that tennis is done for the summer. There are four more weeks of tennis lessons but we had our mini trip and then there is a week in there that he's out at his grandparent's house for VBS so it didn't make sense to pay the fee (tennis is not cheap, y'all). But I'm hoping there are the fall and winter lessons this year because he really enjoys it.


I've been pretty upfront about my lack of housekeeping skills since my AFE. I just can't handle the load like I once could. I used to keep my house in tip top shape, always organized and clean, baking items, deep cleaning regularly, making home cooked meals, having a dessert twice a week, I was the classic housewife. I took pride in my home and I really enjoyed being that person everyone else would roll their eyes at because I had it all together.
Now, I apparently am at the level with everyone else. I hate it. It wasn't so long ago that the space under my couch was always clean. There wasn't a chance in the world so much as a sock would fall into the abyss of the couch but here we are. This is what under my couch looks like on a regular basis. I haven't cleaned my cupboards (or fridge) in... forever. I am not changing sheets once a week. If I manage once a month we're doing pretty well. It's so bad. I tried hiring a housekeeping service not long after my AFE and I almost had a coronary just having someone in my house touching my stuff. I really don't like strangers in my house and I really hate it if people are touching my things. Looking at my house in a critical way. It's been really tough.

I'm trying to clear off my dining room counter every night, it becomes a catch all for everything. But somehow having that cleaned off makes me feel like I have my life together. I don't know how people live like this and be OK with it?! I'm really struggling.


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I'm glad that tennis has been good for your kiddo and that you got yourself some nice time to read and unwind during those times!

As for the mess, I totally understand. The weeks my anxiety is worse I have a hard time keeping up with stuff at home, the laundry piles up, the kitchen is a disaster. It just sucks.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Tennis sounds fun!

Lisa said...

I feel your pain! I get home from work & really don't want to do anything - but then I feel bad since the hubby also works even longer all day and he comes home to a disaster zone. We don't even have little ones, so I can't blame them!
The cats. It's totally the cats.

Neely said...

I did tennis when I was young and really wish I had kept it up!

Mrs.AOK said...

I love that your son is enjoying tennis. It's great to see when kids actually love the sport they're playing. My husband has coached a few different sports for our kiddos over the years and you can tell when the child doesn't want to be there, but the parent wants them there.

Lecy | A Simpler Grace said...

I wish I had learned to play tennis when I was younger. I tried playing when I was in college and I was terrible at it! As far as the housekeeping, take it easy on yourself. All you can do is your best every day. That doesn't have to be perfect. <3

Jay | Life of Creed said...

I love tennis. I started playing when I was in about fourth grade. Awesome that You son is enjoying it, it's a fun sport.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, I'm glad Jackson has been loving tennis and is actually getting good! And yay for some reading time for you. :)

As someone who used to really clean their house, I think you have to find a new normal, you know? It's not easy, but like you said about cleaning off the counter - if that's the best you can do everyday (or most days), let that be your goal and feel GOOD about it! Also - does Olivia and Jackson help clean at all? That might help if they can do a little here and there.