Friday, August 31, 2018

At least one child got my traits.

I know I've mentioned how Olivia and Jackson usually spend a week at their grandparent's home for VBS and fun, and during that week I traditionally do a major clean of their room. I sort out too small clothes, figure out what they need for school, clean closets and drawers, make sure it's vacuumed and organized. I feel like an organized space sets you up for success. Plus it's just nice to have a totally clean room.

But they are 13 and 10 now and frankly, I don't feel like that's my job anymore. They are old enough to figure out what doesn't fit them and they can/should be doing the rest regularly on their own without me telling them to. So when they came back from that week that's what they spent an entire weekend doing.

I'm talking SEVERAL trips to the trash, three garbage bags full of stuff to donate, tons of laundry "discovered" and bedding changed, they were dusting everything, I heard the vacuum for an hour straight and they worked really hard.

Well, Olivia did. All of that came out of Olivia's room. Her room is such a disaster and even when it's "clean" it has so much more that I would clean/get rid of but I'm trying to let go. She has to figure that out on her own.

You know who figured that out? Jackson. As it turns out, this is room on the regular.
So when you come in you see his bed. He told me this is the only way he can have his pillows or he can't sleep. His drawers are meticulously tidy. 
His closet shelves? Ridiculously organized. Books shelved by author in order of series, read books to the left, unread to the right. All of his school shoes/supplies are on the bottom shelf. The top shelf is miscellaneous stuff in containers. He told me he loves containers. He would be happy to get just containers for Christmas. 
The shelf behind his door? His "memory" stuff. He has a photo of all the kids, one of him and Olivia at Disney, one of him and his friends, things he's built, little containers that hold smaller treasures, art he's made, etc.

I'm not kidding- I was STUNNED. He has everything just so and he doesn't like anything out of place. He isn't quite OCD level but honestly, he reminds me of me. I was over the top organized as a kid so I can fully appreciate this kid's room. It's kind of nice to know my neatness has been passed down to at least one kid!

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Julie H said...

I wish my kids were like that. I used to be like that but had to give it up or go crazy living with my sloppy husband.