Thursday, August 23, 2018

Sisters and Toddlers

It's so weird to think that summer is basically done. We're looking into September and planning our fall and I'm ready but I'm not ready. I'm anxious to have our regular routines back and get everyone back onto a regular schedule but the lazy days of doing nothing are kind of nice, too. 

 Lucy had her two year check up and no shocker that she's perfect. She ended up needing to get her finger poked twice and have blood drawn for a lead and hemoglobin check and she didn't make a sound either time. Everyone was impressed at how good (and quiet) she was. Her lead ended up being kind of low so we're supposed to give her this medicine but every time we do she vomits it up so honestly, I don't think it's doing anything. The only thing they mentioned was that she doesn't speak. She kind of babbles, she can say "no", "yes" and "me" clear as day, we know she can hear us, and she understands directions we give her so she's understanding everything. I honestly think there is just so much noise and chaos in our house that she's shy and overwhelmed. But they are referring her to the Birth to 3 program for speech therapy. 

And honestly? I was so upset and discouraged. I know that it isn't a reflection of me as a mom and I need to not take it personally, but I do. I can't help it, but I do. I already feeling like I'm failing as a mom and then this is thrown on the pile and I feel like even more of a failure. 

So I'm still waiting to hear about that. 
 Penelope and Lucy sometimes get along beautifully and then some days it's a war the entire day. It's really hard some days just to get through but then it's moments like this where I'm glad they have each other. 
 So a week or two ago a weird stomach bug go through our house. Actually, only Lucy and Penelope got it which doesn't surprise me because they are always putting things in their mouths. But Lucy was first and it was ROUGH. An almost constant 101-102 degree fever, didn't want to eat, was drinking a lot of fluids but not peeing, sleeping a lot. I felt terrible. Just as I was about to bring her in, she started getting better so the panic level went away. 
 Then Penelope got sick and man... I felt pretty bad for her. She wanted to be down to just her underwear because she was so hot, she wanted to sleep a ton, but not eat, hardly peeing, etc. Fortunately she only had it for one day really bad whereas Lucy had it pretty bad for three days. 
 They recovered nicely. So as we look to the fall, Lucy will be home with me (and my mom) and I'm hoping her speech kind of takes off when she's by herself. She's big into coloring right now, she got some Calico Critters for her birthday so she's loving those. Her and Penelope are OBSESSED with this cartoon on Netflix called Masha and the Bear, and it's really weird. It's kind of funny, there isn't a lot of dialogue, but they are glued to it. Whatever. It's nice to pee without a war happening. 
Penelope starts preschool in September and we had her enrollment day last week. She's officially enrolled and we have a home visit coming up and then we do a classroom open house. So far she seems pretty excited about going to school. She's got her backpack and some new shoes, and she talks about it often. When I brought her to enrollment day she was totally glued to my leg and scared so first day drop off should go well. I've never had to drop a kid off at daycare and Olivia and Jackson were four, almost five when they did 4K and it wasn't a big deal. So I don't know. Maybe she's just playing me. Maybe she'll be totally fine and I worry for nothing. We'll see. 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Lucy might start talking more with just her in the house, like you said, but it's definitely not your fault! Every kid is different and some don't talk much and then it's like BAM! They won't stop. She's obviously taking it all in and understands, so that's a good sign. I'm sure Penelope will love school! And I'm glad both girls are feeling better - that sounds awful!


Neely said...

I have heard of this happening! I bet she will love the one on one time!

Julie H said...

Who needs to talk when you're the baby. Just make a noise and everyone waits on you lol.

Shann Eva said...

Not only is there Masha and the Bear, but also Masha's Spooky stories, which is even creepier. The twins love it. Both of them are in speech, and it's helped a lot. They were talkers, but you couldn't understand them...well, I could, but no one else. I'm REALLY looking forward to school and the return of a routine. I think it will be really nice for you to have alone time with Lucy. I can't believe she's already 2?!?! Time goes faster and faster every year.