Thursday, August 30, 2018

Summer is done. We failed.

I can't remember what all was on my summer bucket list but I know we didn't finish it. And that's OK. It's kind of a bummer, but it's OK. I mean, I knew it was ambitious considering we're poor, but it's fun to try anyways.

So now that fall is approaching we are in a frenzy signing up for fall activities, getting the school calendar organized and figuring out how to be in two places at once.
I'm starting to feel kind of bad to not have anything for Lucy to do this fall. I am hoping the local family resource center has a play group she can go to once a week or something. We bought her a back pack because she was so upset to not have one and I figured it would come in handy for traveling if she had one like the other kids. So she randomly puts it on and wanders around or waits by the door like she's going somewhere. 
I still haven't heard from the Birth to 3 program so I am debating on calling myself of just saying screw it and wait until Penelope goes to school and see if her speech takes off. She's said a few more words (just one at a time) and it's not the actual word but it sounds like the word so I don't know. That whole thing stresses me out. 
I also just have to show this picture because she's so damn adorable. Lucy is the only kid who isn't terrified of bugs. Penelope will scream, Olivia and Jackson would scream, Lucy will pick it up and observes it for awhile. Then she tries to put it down on something but usually ends up killing it in the process, then wait for it to walk/crawl away but of course it just lays there because it's dead. But she's always looking in the grass for something moving around. 
Penelope had her home visit with her preschool teacher yesterday and that went... OK? I mean, I didn't know what to expect from it but she was either hiding behind Matt or crying in the corner by the Barbies, so I don't know. The teacher was so nice though and asked us some basic questions, and the whole time Lucy is trying to make friends with her. So I think it's next week that she has a meet and greet in the classroom and then the next day is her first official day. I have to bring her there and pick her up and I just really hope it goes well. Olivia and Jackson did really well and I didn't note that they cried or anything in their scrapbooks (handy since I don't remember any of it). So we'll see.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I really think Lucy and my youngest niece would get along fabulously! lol She has a mini backpack too that she sometimes likes to carry - it just has all her stuff for when she's out and about like diapers and snacks. Aw, poor Penelope. Hopefully she'll like the actual preschool better because I imagine it's more fun than some random lady coming to your house and asking questions.


Em said...

We also were recommended to a speech therapist, however I asked if we could hold off for three months. It seems like Lucy and Epi are at the exact same speech phase. I’m also going to wait and see if her speech takes off while Atticus is in school. Maybe one on one is all they need. Very stressed about it as well. Maybe we should get them together and their babble would form into words between the two of them. Miss you friend.