Thursday, September 6, 2018

Suicidal squirrels

We have a small pool in our yard for the kids to play in. The little girls had zero interest in the small wading pool for them because the big kids went into the other pool and these two think they're grown. 


So after our trip to Great Wolf Lodge, and I saw actually how good they were in the water, I decided that maybe I could loosen up the reins and let them go into the bigger pool with life jackets and the big kids in there to help them. 
 So one afternoon, when it was blazing hot out, we got our life jackets out, 
 and the girls got in. They were PRETTY EXCITED about it. 
 Penelope could not understand how an inner tube worked and really struggled with that for the better part of an hour.  
 Lucy also struggled mostly because she's still so little so she kept sinking into the middle hole which was probably awful for her but comedy gold for us. 

Then I realized that this pool is barely 3 feet deep when it's full and it definitely wasn't anymore so it was maybe 2 feet deep on this day? So basically, they could stand up with no problem in this pool so I felt a lot better. They ended up going into the pool quite a bit with Olivia and Jackson and we'd watch from our lawn chairs. It turns out this was the last year for this pool since the filter thingie was broke beyond Matt's desire to fix it, the cord was faulty and the pool itself was starting to sag and leak. We've gotten five years out of a $100 pool so really, we can't complain. We'll get something nicer next summer. Maybe a little deeper. 

Also new this year is our really amazing chain link fence. Matt's parents helped us purchase it and it is easily the best thing we've ever done. It is SO NICE to be able to open the door and let the dog out. Let Lucy play in the yard while I run Penelope in to use the bathroom. Or I can run in and get their drinks. We can swing one kid up front but know the other kid is playing safely and happily on the slide in the side yard. It's been really great. The neighbors put up a wooden fence so while at first I thought it was kind of rude and it really looks terrible to every other neighbor, we've kind of loved it. We don't actually see any of our neighbors now so it makes us feel like we actually have a private yard even though you can see in from the street, if that makes sense. It's been really great. 
But what we've noticed this summer, for the first time ever, is we've had several dead squirrels in our pool. Like floating away, all bloated and disgusting. I think Matt was getting really sick of sanitizing the pool, cleaning it, and constantly changing filters and adding chemicals because (rightfully so) nobody wanted to go in until he did all of that. Our only guess is that they tried running along the fence and fell in? I don't understand why they didn't try to climb out? There aren't tears or even scratch marks anywhere on the pool so they legitimately made no attempt to get out. Secondly, the squirrels in my neighborhood are LOUD. I can hear them making their squirrel noises in the tree, on the power lines, in the yard, it's a ruckus. Not one peep from the squirrels going into the pool. Wouldn't you think they'd be squealing and stuff? I'm not sure. But clearly, there is a mental health crisis among squirrels around here because we've had our share of dead ones. 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, those poor squirrels! That's very strange they didn't try to get out though. And I'm glad the pool lasted so long and that the little ones enjoyed it, even if they aren't so sure about the floats. LOL


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I kind of chuckled about the poor squirrels. I think you need to get a squirrel therapist for them. But seriously, I'm glad otherwise the pool has been a good edition. I really want to get one like that but my husband keeps saying no, darn it. Oh well. Maybe next summer!

Life Love & High Heels said...

We had 100 squirrels when we were at the Drew house and yes, omg, they are loud! I had to often shut the windows and patio door. Never heard of them drowning? Weird! But yay for pool times!

Neely said...

Oh my god thats crazy! I should check our blow up pool...

mypixieblog said...

Omg those poor squirrels! Also that’s so weird that they didn’t make a peep or anything; you’d think they’d make at least a solid attempt to escape—they are so good with their tails and nails!

Awww the pics of the girls swimming are too cute! I understand what you mean re: the neighbors and the fence but having had my brief taste of home ownership now, I can understand that whole “fences make great neighbors” reference ;)

Shann Eva said...

Ha! Well, the squirrels should come live in our neighborhood. They get to eat all the kids leftover cookies and snacks that are left out. I've also noticed them relaxing in our Cozy Coop. They love it here!

Sunny Jess said...

Seriously?? What the? All those dead squirrels! I feel like that is so random but also kind of funny?? Haha definitely something I wouldn't have thought about to look out for with a little pool like that!

XXOO Sunny

Julie H said...

I SO need a fence. That would make my life so much better. I had all the money saved for one but Scott couldn't decide how he wanted to do one weird section in the back yard so no fence.