Monday, October 22, 2018

UMD Homecoming, can't feel my face

I can't remember if I talked about this but Olivia used to do the Just for Kix program here in Superior for the longest time and we took a lot of time to think about staying or changing this summer. Ultimately I left it to Olivia, because what do I know, and she wanted to try something a little harder. We ended up changing (at the last possible minute) to the Duluth program and so far, she's loving it. She's taking a LOT more classes this year (which is not cheap) and already her attitude about dance is totally different and she's practicing like crazy. Some of her friends ended up switching, too so that's been kind of a bonus. 

The other cool thing is they got to dance in the UMD Homecoming parade this fall and Olivia has wanted to do a parade so she was super excited about that. 
So we all loaded up and got her there on time! (This is us after dropping Liv off... and you can't see Matt because my arms are short for the selfie.. whoops!) It was completely freezing and I absolutely hate being outdoors for the most part so I wasn't loving this.  
Olivia and crew got to practice for a bit before they started. Olivia was talking about being cold and I brought out my own "back in my day" story about marching in the Christmas City of the North parade in basically a sequined bathing suit so wearing pants is a luxury! Not surprisingly, she was not impressed.  
 I was so impressed at how well they all did for only learning this in just a handful of class periods!
 Olivia and her friend Abby- friends since Kindergarten! Same age, totally different heights! HA! 
 While Olivia was off practicing we killed time by walking the parade route a few times and found a good spot to sit and watch. It dawned on me that morning that this was the first parade both Penelope and Lucy were able to actually watch and try to catch candy. I don't think Lucy has ever even been to a parade. They had no idea why they were sitting on a curb but once candy started getting thrown at them they were all about it. 
 It was kind of fun walking around the UMD campus because Jackson told me that's the school he really wants to go to, and he said Olivia wants to go to UW-Madison (#1 party school in the nation...awesome). 
 UMD cheerleaders and dancers are always super fun to watch, and they go to competitions often and it's well deserved. They are really good. 
 I didn't get any pictures of my own because they were running past me so a friend captured these of the girls and they look so good!
This one is maybe my favorite. 

They all did a really great job, especially considering it was the first parade for a lot of them. 

This year Olivia is doing kick, jazz, hip hop, ballet, and lyrical dancing. If there is a special session this spring I'm sure she'll want to do that, too. So far we're spread out over two days a week and I thought it would be a pain in the rear but it's actually not been that bad. I'm getting some reading done, some notes for the book done, meal planning, and burning brain cells trolling the internet for useless information. 

It's been nice to have quiet time back again. 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, how fun! I'm sure Olivia had a blast. And I'm glad that all her dance classes have given you some down time. :)