Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Need a gift? These are guaranteed to be one of a kind!

I have some VERY hard to shop for people on my list, I'm sure you do too. I also come across something in my travels online and I think, I know someone who needs this in their life I have my set list of who I buy for every year but sometimes I come across a gift that is so absolutely perfect for someone that I can't pass it up. I just can't.

I follow some of my daughter's friends on Instagram (or rather, they find me and add me) and that's fine because these are all really good kids. But she has one friend she's had since Kindergarten and they are in dance together. Her name is Haley. She's just the nicest kid ever and I adore having her at our house, and her mom is just awesome, too. Well on Instagram Haley posted something about Christmas and I casually asked her what she wants Santa to bring her. Her response? "A potato".


You can 100% send a potato to someone using Potato Parcel! It took me less than 15 minutes to find, and it's amazing. I just sent her a potato that says, "Merry Christmas Haley, from Santa". HAHAHAHAHA! I'm amazing. I found a code on Facebook for 15% off (FBPotato) so it was under $15 to send it. You can get a potato with a message or a photo printed on it, they have other random upgrades but I went plain jane, just a simple printed message. It's going to be so great.

So next up was my dad. He likes technology things, he likes weird things, hates most things. So he's REALLY fun to shop for every year. *eye roll* Then as it happens, I got sucked into a YouTube wormhole and suddenly, I'm watching a LOT of videos for this Storm Glass Weather Prediction thing.

You guys- it's sorcery. I don't understand how it works but I kind of want one just to obsessively watch it. So I got one for my dad, Matt's dad, and a teacher who is all about nature and science. (I got the teacher a smaller one to better fit a classroom.) 

The next option for my dad was going to be this breakfast basket thing
He has a slight obsession with breakfast and makes a big production every morning making all of the works, and his thing with my kids is to take them out for breakfast. So I thought maybe it would be cool to do something like this. This is my "standby" gift for him in case the weather glass thing looks dumb. 

I'm on the fence with kid gifts because I have to 100% be even with number of gifts and I really, really want to get Jackson this Harry Potter wand and book about wands he almost cried over when we were in Barnes & Noble on Friday, but then I'm uneven with Olivia. Sigh. But then I saw this Rainbow Lamp and I'm SOCLOSE to getting it. She would lose her mind. 

Remember when we were kids and there was that thing, The Clapper? (Clap on, clap off, THE CLAPPER). Yes, you know what I'm talking about. Well now they have that but you talk to things. So you tell Alexa to turn on your lamps and it'll do it with this Magical Plug. This is going to be the gift for someone you don't really know but you want to be cool and trendy. It's like you care about making life easier for them, and you want to get the hot thing, but you don't really give a crap and you're coming in under $25. It's a win for everyone. 

I can't remember if I've told you about this, but again- the YouTube worm hole led me to it so it's obviously meant to be. I know I come to you every Monday with my Weight Loss Challenge so it seems nuts I'm asking for this, but if you love someone, when you really love someone, you give them an Ice Cream machine. I used to work at Dairy Queen and Culvers. I'm a professional. 

And finally, the gift you give someone you don't really like but you have to get them a gift because it would be rude not to given the setting. OR it makes a good White Elephant gift. I give you.... the lip plumper
I'm not kidding. Go to this page and look at the photo with the woman who has it on. Tell me you don't have a person come to mind immediately that you want to see try this out on Christmas Day. I can name three right now. You're welcome. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

That weather thing is so cool, I want one!

San said...

I loooove gift guides! Thanks for sharing these cool items! I am super-intrigued by the weather predicting thing.

Katie said...

I know that lip pumper is real but can't be! haha

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

These are some super fun and unique gifts! I love that rainbow lamp! And actually I wouldn't mind that Alexa lamp plug in, that's a great idea!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Potato Parcel sounds hilarious!

Penny @ Penny's Passion said...

These are some really fun ideas! I'm actually using the storm one in my Five on Friday tomorrow. So fascinating that it works!