Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Dynamic Duo will take over the world

If you know me in real life you know that Olivia and Jackson legitimately are the nicest kids. They are polite, kind, always willing to help out, completely gracious, and thoughtful. If parenting were a contest I would absolutely enter those two as my submission and I would absolutely win. I try really hard to replicate whatever I did with them as I parent Penelope and Lucy and to be honest, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. This could all go to hell quickly and I always feel like I'm supervising a prison cafeteria. The inmates are quiet some days, just eating, and then other days a plate is thrown and it's over. The rest of the day is shot, people are screaming, and I'm catching boots while in tears.

This is the kind of stuff you'll never find in a parenting book and it's the stuff nobody tells you about. I don't know why parents don't want to be honest about it, it is what it is.

But of all of my kids, Penelope is far and above the smartest. You know that song, "One of these things is not like the others..."? That's Penelope. There is nothing about her that is anything like the others. If she didn't look exactly like me at age 3 I would wonder if she got switched at birth. Nope, she's mine, and she is a handful. She can be the sweetest, most thoughtful little girl and in the next breath throw a cup at you. You can often hear the phrase, "do it, Lucy, just do it" over the monitor right before something crashes in their room.

It's become clear that she's a silent leader. She acts shy in situations and it takes her awhile to assess where she is and who she is with, but once she gets comfortable she runs the show. I can't imagine this girl will let anyone take advantage of her, she will take them down. Not even nicely.

But she's smart.
At her preschool they are working on identifying capital letters and the goal is to be able to name a few by the end of the year because that's a big thing they do in 4K preschool. This kid? Knows them all. Knows most of her lower case letters. She's moved onto trying to write them. Olivia and Jackson wanted nothing to do with writing until Kindergarten and those kids are very smart. Penelope will tell you she's not a baby, she wants to write. I get excited and get everything out for her, she'll write a few letters and throw the marker on the floor and run like a cheetah around the room for an hour. I honestly don't know how she's going to do in school full days. 
Then she goes back to being this docile, sweet, cuddly little love bug who only wants to curl on your lap and have you rub her hair. Those are my favorite moments, and she always wants to take pictures with me. It's like this for at most five minutes then she's skipping and jumping and bouncing off of the furniture. She will walk around with her eyes closed so she doesn't have to talk to people so if you see her with huge bruises on her forehead or cheek, she's not abused, she's walking blind into things. Every day she runs into something.
Today she told me she was going to write so I gave her the dry erase markers and a towel and told her go to town. She wrote that top line all by herself, then asked me to come write her name. Then she wanted me to write "mom" but when she saw it, she declared she didn't like it so she erased everything I wrote. But she practiced for awhile all by herself. I don't know why seeing this made me so proud but I was struck by how old she's getting and how it doesn't seem like she's old enough for this yet. My sense of time is distorted anyways, but man. She's a smart kid.

Not to be left out is Lucy. Lucy is completely into her terrible two's and honestly she's not near as bad as any of the other kids. Well, that I can remember. Lucy is THE sweetest little girl you would ever meet. She's shy and a little gun shy in new situations but she is completely fine entertaining herself. She's quiet and will stay busy going from activity to activity for hours if you let her. When it's time for a show or a movie she will sit on the floor, tucked in her blanket, hands in her lap for almost the whole thing. She's going to be a kindergarten dream for any teacher. She desperately wants to watch and help. She's the silent observer. 
I really think she's going to be a nurse or doctor someday. She is compassionate and is the absolute caregiver. It's funny because I wrote down from my first psychic visit that she said Lucy watches me constantly and she's going to be the one to take care of me the rest of my life. It's true, too. She makes sure I take my medicine every day, that I'm drinking my water, brush my hair, eat food, sit down if I say I'm tired, I have a blanket, wearing my socks, you name it- Lucy is on it.

One of her favorite things all day is anytime a meal is happening. 
It doesn't matter what we're eating, she's all about it. The only time she gets picky is when Penelope is here and Penelope says something is yucky. Sometimes when a meal is particularly good, she leans back in her seat, rubs her tummy and says "aaahhh". It's hilarious and nobody knows where she learned it. Lucy copies EVERY THING Penelope does. Every thing. If Penelope told her to jump off a bridge, she would thinking Penelope's coming, too. Lucy is the ultimate rule follower. Every thing Lucy does makes us say, "Aw... she's the cutest baby EVER!!" because truly, she's the cutest thing. I want to squeeze her guts every day. Her speech is really blossoming. She's not where a typical 2 1/2 year old should be but she's trying and I feel like we are SO close to sentences.
I was really worried about having two kids so close in age but as they get older it gets interesting. It's not easy at all and some times I feel like I have twins. They are a handful, you can't do for one and not the other, they take turns with tantrums and crying, they fight, I hear a lot of "Lucy touched me!!" and since Lucy can't speak real well she mostly says, "Peppy! Peppy!" when Penelope has done something egregious.

Then there are other times, when I hear one of them go to the other's bed and they chatter quietly to each other and fall asleep together. I go in and there they are, snuggled together in bed and I think- this would have been cool when I was a kid. I would have really liked to have a sibling like that. Olivia and Jackson have always been close but a sister/brother is different, isn't it? So I wonder what these two will be like as they get older. I hope they grow up to be best friends. I'm absolutely certain they will give us a run for our money as teenagers. I hope Lucy's calmness tones Penelope down and that Penelope can help Lucy lighten up sometimes. Separately I think they are going to be successful, cool people but together they are going to be a force to reckon with.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

They really are the cutest! My oldest niece and nephew are really close in age too, so it's DEFINITELY like having twins. We're always really aware of trying to make things equal. lol I think Penelope and Lucy will definitely be best friends, and I love that Lucy is such a caregiver.


San said...

You have some great kids <3