Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Keeping up with the Strands

I feel like I'm not doing a very good job updating on what's happening with the entire family like I used to. We're all super busy and it's basically chaos in this house every day. I'm at least living up to the blog's name, so there's that.
Over spring break, Olivia and Jackson got to go to Harry Potter World/Universal Studios with Matt's mom and sister. That was a big deal because they were told if they finished all of the books they would get to go. Olivia had read them a year or two ago but Jackson had just started at the end of last summer so in the span of four months that kid obsessively read all of them. They were really excited and ended up having a good time, even if the flight home ended up being a nightmare. (Flight was cancelled, plane issues, tons of delays and 14 hours later they made it home.)
Penelope and Lucy (in the middle) started a Teeny Tots dance class. It's only March-May and they'll be in the recital. I wanted to sign them up but I honestly wasn't sure if they'd even do it so I figured a shorter special session was the way to go versus signing up for a whole year and having them hate it. They are like three weeks in so far and LOVE IT. Every single day they ask if they have dance and no, they don't. It's only once a week for a half hour but they are all about it. They practice at home, it's so cute. Olivia also does dance now three days a week and it's really a joy to watch her.
Penelope is almost done with 3K, I think they are done in early May. Which seems crazy to me. Matt and I were just talking about what an incredible program this has been for her. She is a completely different kid. When she started we had tantrums multiple times a day, she didn't listen for anything, wouldn't follow directions, didn't want to learn anything, etc. She was difficult. I am so, SO glad that we put her in this because honestly my sanity is better for it. Not that she listens really well now, but it's better. She can follow directions, she's incredibly smart, she enjoys structured activities, she's just better for it. I think 4K next year for her is going to be really great and she's excited about it. 
Lucy has her speech and development assessment today so I hope they can help her out a little. We signed her up for 3K in the fall (same thing Penelope did this year) so we're waiting to hear if she gets in, I hope so. She's the opposite of Penelope and is very much a rule follower but I'd like to see her development get on par with her peers. I'm actually going to miss hanging with her all day, she's kind of become my little buddy. This week we went to the bookstore to use my gift cards and we had a great time reading books and playing trains. Oh, and her cold is back AND her eye is getting goopy again so we made it, what? Two weeks? Right on cue. Annoying. 
Jackson is gearing up for middle school. He has a transition night coming up soon, he turned in his instrument preference for band (drums, clarinet, or trumpet-in that order), we're going to get him a school lock so he can practice because he's worried about it. We got him signed up for summer school so he can get familiar with the school, and he's pretty excited. They always do a lot of fun stuff at the end of fifth grade at his school so that's something he's looking forward to.
Olivia is pretty dang busy. She has dance three days a week and loves it. That ends in mid-May and she's already asking if there are summer dance things so I'm hoping there will be. She gets her braces off at the end of May and I hear about it EVERY DAY. She's obviously excited. She's getting all A's in her classes, every teacher loves her, she's turning into a little comedian and reminds me of me a lot so obviously she's going to turn out awesome. She recently was selected for the Junior Curator program so sometime this summer she gets to interview a Veteran and develop a museum quality exhibit with other students. Kids have to apply for this but some students are pre-selected by teachers to participate and she was one of them, definitely a high honor. She's applying for the 8th Grade Leadership team for next year and she worked on her application for two hours on Monday. She asked for my help earlier but ended up not needing it and wouldn't let me read her application so I'm pretty proud she didn't need me after all. She's smarter than she gives herself credit for.

So that's what's happening with the kids. We're ridiculously proud of them. I'm not completely sure how we're doing but we're doing pretty alright with this parenting gig. So that's cool.


Lauren said...

All of your kids are doing fantastic! That's cool Jackson can get used to his new school this summer - makes it less scary. And Penelope and Lucy dancing is just the cutest thing. I'm glad 3k was a good choice for Penelope, and hopefully Lucy will enjoy 3k in the fall. At least she won't be gone all day, every day! You'll still have your little buddy - just with a break. :) And I'm still so jealous Olivia and Jackson went to Harry Potter world. I want to go so much!!!


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

The kids are all so busy but it sounds like they are all doing awesome! I love your little dancers! I remember how excited I was to get my braces off too, I bet she is just counting down the days! You've got a lovely family :)

The Flynnigans said...

I just adore Lucy’s toothy smile. Haha
Your kids are getting so big Sara, Liv has matured SO much in the face and I can’t believe she’s already going to be getting her braces off! Jackson is such a damper, sweet boy and I’m glad he’s turning into this wonderful little human being, all because of you, Sara.
I’m also glad to hear Miss Sass is behaving much better. Glad her classes have been so helpful to her. :)
You’re doing an amazing job sweetheart. <3