Thursday, May 30, 2019

Family Roundup: what's happening

I had my endoscopy and colonoscopy yesterday. I'll tell you about that tomorrow because I'm sure you're super excited to hear about me being probed from both ends. Today Olivia gets her *braces taken off* and to say she is excited is an understatement. She's known since March and has had several countdowns in our house reminding us. She's had them on for 3 1/2 years and is desperate to not have them anymore. She'll have retainers (one permanent and one removable) but it's nothing compared to braces! Also, Jackson goes on a big field trip today and they have an awards ceremony for fifth graders afterwards and I said I'd help serve cake so it'll be a busy day for sure.

I have so many pictures from my phone that I keep forgetting to share on here so I'm going to dump a bunch of random stuff on you. You'll love it.
Lots of people have asked me about Twinky since he was attacked by a dog a few weeks ago. For the most part, he's all healed up nicely. We think he has some nerve damage on the side of his neck and his one ear because if you go anywhere near it he yelps and starts shaking. So you have to be careful when you pet him or pick him up. The other thing we're dealing with is his fear of basically everything now. If you open up the back door to let him run in our yard (fenced) he's hesitant to go beyond the steps. If we're out there with him, he's fine. By himself, not so much. He's scared of other dogs and will sometimes run and hide or comes right to us, and that's kind of sad. A few times now he's peed on the kitchen floor because he wouldn't go out after hearing a dog bark or something as they walk by. Honestly I don't know what to do about this at this point. Matt has been taking him on short walks and TWICE he's encountered dogs being walked and not on a leash and people are just the absolute worst. So here's my PSA: even if you think you have the best, nicest, most loving dog in the whole world, LEASH YOUR DAMN DOG. You have NO idea what goes through their mind, you have no idea what might trigger them to defend you or to just be a dog. You have no idea. Leash your damn dog. Always. No exceptions.
Jackson has been making my bed for me. He says it drives him crazy because I never do. I'm perfectly happy to crawl back in to the exact place I was sleeping and I'm happy about it. We also decided that once the windows in our front porch are installed, we are going to put our headboard back onto the bed. It's going to block an entire window but I literally don't care because I really hate not having a headboard. BUT.... we might move the bed the other way, I just haven't told Matt this yet. He's not going to be happy because our bed is a million pounds. At least. 
Lucy is doing pretty well in speech class. We're struggling in some areas and he told us it might get worse before it gets better. I practice sounds with her but man... this girl gets so upset. I think she's realizing that we can't understand her, and that's probably really frustrating and maybe a little bit scary. 
A few weeks ago Matt and his mom took the little girls to the aquarium for a PBS Kids Carnival night. It's a free night at the aquarium because we're PBS Kids Club members. Anyways, I guess Penelope didn't want to go up to anyone but Lucy really, really wanted her picture with Arthur. Is she not the cutest damn thing you've ever seen?? 
It's not summer here yet and it's only spring-ish like two days a week if we're lucky, but on the sunny days we make it a priority to get outside, even if it's only for a little while. Penelope and Lucy are basically desperate to play outside but I get cold easily and then my hands and feet turn dark purple so I have to go back in, so Matt has been taking them out like the champ that he is. 
Penelope has mastered her scooter. She just goes back and forth on this really short strip of sidewalk but doesn't want to venture to the street or a better sidewalk. 
The girls are still BIG into dress up stuff but Lucy has recently gotten into wearing her skunk hat. A lot. My dad actually bought it for Penelope because she was in a phase were everything had to be soft so she could rub it in her ear, so he thought the tail of this hat would do the trick. It didn't and she hardly wore it but Lucy has found it and is loving it. I have a ten second video of her hissing like a skunk? She thinks they hiss and I don't know what sound a skunk makes so we let her go with it. 
WAY back in April it was Independent Bookstore Day so I had it in my head we would go to Barnes & Noble and then out to lunch. It turns out my brain kind of went haywire (literally) and we ended up on the exact opposite end of town at Bookstore at Fitgers, which is just as good. Everyone picked out a new book. 
We tried to take a group picture but that was kind of a fail. I think I need a selfie stick because we have just too many damn people and I have short arms. But right after this I have ZERO memory of what we were doing, how I got there, where the kids came from, where I parked, how to get to the car, how to get home, etc.

I cannot emphasize it enough- those moments are terrifying. It's like those movies where people find themselves locked in a basement of a serial killer and have no idea how they got there? That's me when this happens. It's really awful and I wish they would just stop. The running theory is MAYBE my brain short circuits because it's trying to make connections again, or MAYBE it short circuits because it's damaged and this is just how it's going to be. Either way, it sucks, and I am SO GRATEFUL that Olivia and Jackson help me, though I'm sure it's scary for them as well. 
Oh, so here's what we got during our trip. It turns out the books for the little girls were meh. They aren't that great and nobody wants to read them. I haven't started Colleen Hoover's Verity, but I hear it's REALLY good. Jackson isn't loving his book but said it really isn't what he thought it was. Olivia hasn't started her book either but I told her to give me the review when she's done because while I won't have time to read it, I want to know why all the people are dying in that lake (it's a true story, I guess). Oh, and Penelope got a unicorn because they are her favorite and I couldn't pry it out of her hands so to even it up Lucy got the giant, super soft pig she was desperately squeezing.

So that's that. What have you been doing? Or going? Or seeing? Or watching?


Anthea said...

Hope all went well with your procedures yesterday. Shame they aren't pleasant are they :(

Olivia must be so excited to get her braces off. Just some advice from someone who had to wear braces twice....the permanent retainer is super important. I had mine taken off by a dentist a few years ago who told me my teeth wouldn't shift. BIG MISTAKE. Hence I'm 36 and wearing braces. When mine come off next month, the orthodontist is fitting a wire fitted (behind the teeth) and I will leave that on forever and a day.
Just had to add my 10 cents.
Have a great week further.

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I remember how excited I was to get my braces off back in the day too. It was the most amazing feeling. I feel so bad for your sweet pup. Leashes are so important. My kiddo used to love dogs until an unleashed dog chased him and now he doesn't. And I would like to have one as a pet darn it. Maybe someday.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Omg, Lucy with Arthur is adorable. That's so sad speech therapy frustrates her sometimes because she can't get her point across. It'll get better though and then you'll probably never get her to stop talking. That's adorable that Jackson makes your bed in the morning - if it makes him feel better, why not? LOL Did Jackson get Gentlemen's Guide? I love that book, but yeah, it doesn't seem like a book he'd enjoy. I'm really curious about Verity, so I hope you like that one!