Thursday, July 18, 2019

Ears, Adenoids, and Popsicles

Yesterday was Lucy's big surgery day to have tubes put in and adenoids removed. Super easy surgery, super quick, but I'm a hot mess with surgery and anesthesia now so I was SO WORRIED.

We had to be there at the ungodly hour of 6:30 a.m. and I know when I used to work I was up well before then and that's super but now I just can't do it. I got up at 5, took my medications right away in the hopes they would perk me up, they did not and we woke Lucy up at 6 to get her dressed and go.
Lucy takes after me in the sense that she really, really enjoys sleep but she's also far more agreeable than I ever was so when we got her she at least came willingly. She definitely wasn't happy skipping breakfast because again, like me, she enjoys a meal. 
Normally I don't let her have a pacifier and she really doesn't use it and only does because Penelope does and she copies everything Pep does, but I brought it because I figured I'll try anything to help her when she isn't feeling well. She was allowed to bring one comfort item so we went with the blanket because that's her most prized possession. It was actually really cute because you could tell she was really getting nervous as people came in and out and she would rub the satin part between her fingers constantly. 
She had to put her gown on and she was thrilled when they gave her slippers that she could keep. Honestly, if you tell this girl she can keep something she's so happy, you'd think she had nothing of her own or something.

We hung out for awhile, signed all of the consent forms and pretty soon someone came to get her. Thankfully Lucy went willingly because the woman wanted to show Lucy where they kept the popsicles for after. 
And since she hadn't had breakfast, the idea of popsicles for breakfast was exciting. She got to pick whether to ride in a wagon or drive the car back to the room and Lucy picked the car.

Seeing your child being wheeled to surgery and knowing you can't go back there? Awful. Absolutely awful feeling.

About 15-20 minutes later her doctor came in to let us know she was done and in recovery but told us her adenoids were pretty large, so removing them should improve her breathing quite a bit, especially at night. When they got to her ears, we knew there was fluid way, way down in her ear canal but she has never had an ear infection. Being in there though, he realized it wasn't really fluid but more of  thick, mucus type fluid and he made a face that indicated it was really pretty gross. They cleared it out of both ears and put her tubes in. He seemed confident she would see a big improvement immediately.

I felt better about the surgery as a whole because that makes me believe all of her goopy eye and nose issues really was because of her ears. It's another issue for another day, but this is just another thing in the last year that makes me think I have to switch pediatricians because to me, this is kind of a big thing to miss. Even at her pre-op physical the doctor said, "yeah, no fluid" and that was just last Friday. That fluid/stuff has been there for AWHILE and every other doctor who has looked has commented on it.

So now I have to do the awkward doctor change and I feel so guilty. We've been with her since Olivia was a newborn and I feel bad.

Rational? Nope! But here we are.


So they roll Lucy back and seeing her riding on a stretcher, teary and scared looking, clutching her blanket for dear life was just the most awful thing to see.
She sat with Matt and didn't even want her popsicle. She was crying/whimpering and every once in awhile she would swallow and you could tell her throat was sore. They had given her some kind of pain medicine because once he got in there and saw how large her adenoids were he said she would be a hurting unit for awhile. Thankfully we weren't dealing with her tonsils taken out, because I've heard that's really awful. 
We had to hang out for awhile, like a half hour or so and they let us go. By then she had her IV taken out (which they put in AFTER she was asleep, thankfully) and she didn't put up a fight about that. Once we told her we were going to go home she seemed to stop crying for the most part. She was quiet the whole way home and was a little wobbly once we got home from all of the medications in her.

Matt went back to work after picking up her ear drops (the doctor gave her drops because he was worried about an infection because he isn't sure where that mucus stuff came from, it could be anything) and we hung out at home. By about 10:30 she was in a better mood and wanted to blow bubbles in the yard with the big kids. She had a REALLY runny nose all morning of blood and a little boogers so I was kind of worried about that but after her nap they seem to really slow down. 
She did ask for and eat lunch. I did a random assortment of things because you know how sometimes you just don't know what you want? Well she settled on a few tater tots and macaroni & cheese. She nibbled on some fruit too but after eating a little she informed me she peed. All over the chair, her outfit, through the diaper, the whole thing. Good because at least I know everything is working alright. So I got her all cleaned up and she said she wanted to go to bed, but she had a hard time walking up stairs so I carried her. As soon as I laid her down on her bed she was out. I didn't even put her blanket on and she was out. Ended up sleeping three hours and woke up asking for water.

All in all, she's a tough cookie. I think she'll be just fine. She has speech tomorrow and Monday, and she is having some kind of evaluation for apraxia one of those days so we have information as we go into a meeting with the school district next week. Next week we will see if she qualifies for district services but also what the plan is for the school year.

I can't believe July is almost over but I feel like we're coming in hot to the finish line.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, poor baby, but it sounds like she did really well!! I have awful ears and people always ask me if I had tubes as a kid, and I did not. I probably needed them though. LOL I've had surgery on both of them though and I still get ear infections a ton. That's crazy about all the gook in her ear...and her regular doctor didn't see it? Yeah, might need a new doctor if she's the only one who never noticed.


mypixieblog said...

OMG, Lucy's poor little crying face :( You must have been so worried about her. I'm glad this is over though, as I'm sure you are too. Hopefully this fixes the issue. Also switching doctors is never fun, but in the end you want someone who you feel comfortable with, who can catch anything early on. It's kind of like breaking up with someone, but ghosting is pretty popular now, and I'm sure they expect it :)

XOOX and sending all my love to your family and hope your little peanut feels better soon!

Julie H said...

Kids bounce back so quick! 2 out of 3 of my kids got their tonsils out and one had tubes.