Tuesday, July 2, 2019

We didn't leave with Stitches.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is live music. My very first concert was New Kids on the Block in 1991 and I think my next one was in high school. The first concert I ever got to go to without a parent was either Collective Soul (horrible because they were so drunk they forgot the words) or Def Leppard (which was really good, surprisingly). I knew when I became a mom this would be my thing. Some parents take their kids to ball games, I take mine to concerts.

For Jackson's birthday I had gotten him tickets to see Death Cab for Cutie in Mankato, Minnesota in July (next week, actually) and that was going to be his first concert and he was SO EXCITED.

I saw that Shawn Mendes was coming to St. Paul and I wanted to go but I kind of waffled on the ticket prices but ultimately decided at the very last minute (like 4 days before) that I was going to go but I'd take Olivia and Jackson with me but surprise them. So on Friday Matt came home early from work and I told them to get in the car, only to tell them where we were going. Olivia almost started crying and Jackson could barely contain himself.

So off we went.
We had complete nosebleed seats but that was fine by me and the kids, and I forgot Jackson is scared of heights, so sitting that high up scared the crap out of him. Later when people started dancing and the balcony moves a little? He grabbed onto my arm. Ha! Poor kid.
Seriously- look at his face! He couldn't get any more excited.
Also? Can we talk about how old Olivia looks? All of the little kid is out of her face and I have some feelings about it.
Alessia Cara was the opener and I don't know her stuff well except what is on the radio, but she was actually really good. She did a fabulous job warming the crowd up. Hilariously, both of my kids belted the song from Moana out like it was nobody's business and I wish I could have recorded that!
Shawn came out and no joke, every person in there lost their damn minds. In the best way possible because he's gorgeous.
I just want to throw it out there that I know that he's only 20something years old but when he took off the jacket and went sleeveless? Not one thought going through my head was motherly. Not one. I feel like he is my new crush and I have no regrets.
Loved the entire set, he did a really good job with the set list and played 95% of what people wanted to hear and that was pretty great.
Everyone also got interactive bracelets so when certain songs came on our bracelet lit up different colors and it really added to the ambiance of the show. I've been to one other show where this happened, Taylor Swift, and I really think it's cool.
We didn't stay for the encore even though In My Blood is one of my favorites and that was an encore song, but the kids wanted shirts and I wanted to get out of the parking ramp before the traffic hit.
Overall? I was so impressed with this concert and I am so glad I got last minute tickets. I absolutely LOVED this show and it's up there with the best concerts I've ever seen. Truly. I've seen 100+ concerts and really, this guy is so, so talented and it was music start to finish. No weird interludes waiting for outfit changes, no weird "introduce every single person on the stage including the guy with a flashlight by the stairs", just entertainment so I actually felt like I got my money's worth. The kids had such a great time, too.

Only Olivia stayed up for the 2+ hour drive home, Jackson was out before we even left St. Paul but conveniently woke up for snacks at our stop in Hinckley. Of course.

The next concert is going to be Death Cab for Cutie and then I have kind of a break until I take Liv and her friend to see 5 Seconds of Summer/The Chainsmokers in October. Hopefully I can find something in between!


Lauren said...

I would love to see Shawn live. I'm so glad it was an awesome concert, and that the kids had fun too! I really love Alessia so she'd be awesome to see too. Yay for last minute tickets. :) 5 Seconds of Summer/Chainsmokers should be a fun show!


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I love that you took your kids to the concert! They look like they were having the time of their lives! I have enjoyed the stuff I've heard by Alessia Cara and I bet Shawn was absolutely amazing live. So fun!

Lecy | A Simpler Grace said...

What a fun experience for the kids! I love Alessia Cara and want to see her live so bad!