Friday, August 2, 2019

Day Out with Thomas (parenting challenge, level 41)

It took me a long time to find it but I did find the post of the first time I went to Day Out with Thomas way back in 2011. Olivia and Jackson were so little and so super cute, so if you want to see my other kids when they were chubby cheeked and adorable, click on that link.

I wasn't going to buy tickets this year but we got a deal in the mail where if we donated to our local PBS station we could get discounted tickets. We watch a lot of PBS so I figured that was a decent deal.
Mind you, the girls don't even watch Thomas the Train but they were SO excited to go. Plus it was something to do and I always feel like we don't do much with these girls. They are definitely not having the experiences that Olivia and Jackson had and I am trying to do better. 
Our train ride was at 10 so we got there early and had some time for the girls to get some tattoos, which has recently become a cool thing. 
Penelope is at that weird age where she's all eager beaver until it comes to actually doing it and suddenly she's shy and you have to drag her to the chair. Then she's thrilled she did it. 
We went and played with the blocks and these big Connect 4 games. Funny, because in speech therapy her therapist uses the same game and when she says a sound, she gets a chip to put in. She's absolutely convinced that that's how you play this game so she looks at me and I'm like, "say dog" and she does it, puts a chip in. It was pretty hilarious because we got through like ten of them before she was over it. 
They had an obstacle course, slide, and bounce house which we spent the most of our time. I'm not kidding, you should see how filthy my kids were, they absolutely needed baths!
We heard the "peep peep" whistle and saw Thomas, it was all very exciting. They waved, Penelope was mildly not impressed, Lucy loved it. We also saw Percy but we didn't get to ride on him because I definitely could not afford Percy so we only got to ride on Thomas. 
We have already been on a train before so the concept of a train wasn't new, but it's not like we do it all the time so they were still pretty excited. (When you say "smile" or "show me your excited face", this is what you get from Lucy, she thinks she's showing her teeth.)
It was a very short ride, so that kind of stinks (for the adults who are into scenery and stuff) but alright for the kids (who aren't patient or anything). 
I think Lucy liked it more than Penelope, though. She kept telling us that we were moving. Also, I realized she can't really see out of the car windows and see buildings and other cars going by because she's so little and the windows are kind of high, so I thought maybe the act of seeing all of this stuff go by was probably different for her. 
They also got their Junior Engineer certificates, which are probably in the recycle by now.. I don't know what I even did with them. 
At the very end we went for another photo op and yeah, it was hot and we were all a little hangry. Penelope was over all of it and that's what I got. It got worse from there so we left.

It was OK. Overall, it was OK. They had a good time and it wasn't horrible. The key, I think, was going on a Sunday during what I think are church hours. It wasn't crowded and loud, they have it way more spread out than it used to be so it wasn't such a cluster of people. They did tell me they had the best time and when you ask what their favorite part was, Lucy will tell you "all of it". Penelope just smiles and that's a good thing.


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I love the pictures, it's pretty much what I remember from our experience with Thomas a couple of years ago. I do agree the short ride is kind of nice for kiddos who can't sit still for very long!

Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

Short rides are cool. I remember the first time I took the boys on the zoo train and after 2 minutes they wanted to get off. Its like a 20 minute thing. By the time we got there they were both in tears. Now every time they ask to go on it again, I just laugh! Sounds like a not so bad kinda day! Yay for no crowds! BIG plus there! Have an amazing weekend!!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, I'm glad the girls had fun. A short train ride probably is best, but they're fun!