Thursday, August 1, 2019


Do you have any idea how hard it is to pick only a few of my favorite photos of Lucy? It's really hard. 

What a three years it has been. Lots of memories, lots of milestones, lots of bumps in the road, probably more of all of it ahead of us too. 
 Not one to come into the world easy, 
 but everyone falls in love with you immediately. 
 Not hard to do because you're the sweetest little things and your eyes get me every time. 
 You have one little dimple on your cheek and I hope you never lose it. 
 You are ALWAYS happy and you're easy to change your mood. You are always so excited to do or try new things. 
 You are so silly. Not in the loud, look-at-me way like Penelope, but you're a quiet silly. 
 You will copy anything Penelope does, you like to hang out with Olivia and Jackson in their rooms. 
 You absolutely love school and anything school related. Even in your speech therapy, we call Mr. David your teacher and you're all about it. You so badly want to be a big kid and go to school. 
 You're a great helper, I've dragged you to multiple buildings back and forth in the same day and you never complain. You're always up for helping me. 
 You love dress up, and were pretty bummed when the pineapple costume didn't fit anymore. 
 You absolutely love your skunk hat and you're always playing skunk. 
You're smart and kind. You have a temper and you're always a little behind so I feel like we're just now getting into the terrible two's, but that's OK. You're gentle and sweet. You're favorite thing in the whole world is your purple blanket and pink penguin. You like to play outside. You're content to keep yourself busy all by yourself. Your favorite movies are Toy Story (all of them) and you're a fan of Play Doh (but you don't eat it, thankfully). You'll eat pretty much any food and you won't turn down ice cream. 

Thankfully you're the easiest of all of your siblings. You have a quiet confidence and you are a helper. You'll probably grow up to be a doctor or nurse because you're always concerned about those around you. 

I am really glad you're here. Even though you entering the world irrevocably changed mine, I have to think  you're here for a reason. You might do some really big things in this world, or maybe you'll do a lot of little things quietly in the background. Either way, you're going to leave a mark. I can't imagine what my life would be like without you. Happiest of birthdays, Lulu. 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

SARA! You're going to make me cry. This is just beautiful. My youngest niece turned 3 in June and her and Lucy sound so much alike - they could be besties if we lived near each other! Lucy is an amazing little girl, and she's definitely here for a reason. So are you! <3


Julie H said...

Happy Birthday to Lucy! Such a cutie pie!