Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Driving, Alexa, Books, and Dance

We have this week and then September is done and thank goodness because this month has been bananas for stuff. My planner is a hot mess of notes, cancelled things, things added in, things I forgot we had to do, things I did multiple times because I can't remember doing them 4 times already.

It's a mess.

So let's talk about it.
I don't even remember when we did, but at some point this month we drove the six hours to see my brother and his family. It was my nephew's first birthday party and I wasn't going to miss that. 
My niece is hilarious and super excited for us to come, and Penelope and Lucy LOVE her and all three play together so well. But my niece for a Google Dot and kept speaking into it, "Alexa- why you not working" and every time it cracked me up.

Those three girls kept me awake until just before midnight with laughing and forever switching spots on the floor. (Which made for a dicey drive home.) 
The next day we had my nephew's party and Penelope is obsessed with her boy cousin. LOVES HIM. She's convinced he is always missing her. She's crazy possessive of him, very gently rubbing his head and his cheek and hugging him. It's actually really adorable. I wish I had gotten Olivia and Jackson in this picture so we had one of all of the cousins.

Also? I've kind of become "crafty auntie Sara" because usually I have a craft activity or something for the kids to all do when they visit. I briefly thought about bringing something but decided not to thinking we'd have no time. Of course my niece asked me if I brought crafts.

I felt terrible.

So next time I will definitely have something in case we have time! 
Pep and Lu... they are quite the pair. Now that they are both in school they don't actually play together a whole bunch anymore so when they do it's quite the to-do. Doesn't Penelope look so much older here??
Did I share what I got in my Bookworm Box last month? If I did... oops. If I didn't, here's what I got! I'm currently reading the book Wild right now as my night time read and yeah... it's um... interesting. It's a series of short stories so in theory I can get through this quickly, but we'll see.
All three girls started dance. Pep & Lu are doing Tiny Kix and are loving it. Olivia is doing ballet technique, kick, jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop. Olivia absolutely loves dance and it is definitely her thing and I enjoy going to watch her. PLUS, I get some dedicated reading time so I'm not hating it.
Oh, and this was my Unplugged Box. I am going to cancel this one I think- it's just so hit or miss for me. This month I got a coffee mug, some spray or something, a candle, and a bath bomb (none of which I'd use), and then this book. It features lesbian necromancers and that is very much not my thing so I'll be donating that one. I didn't cancel in time so I'll be getting a box in October but after that I'm done.

Later this week I'll show you pictures of the house progress, so stay tuned!


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I love the two book boxes you got! I keep thinking I should get myself a subscription box like that, what's not to love about getting books in the mail?

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love that your the crafty aunt. My youngest niece associates my mom with the library, and I LOVE it. We're always trying to bring them to craft events. That's great Olivia loves dance so much, and that the little ones are doing it again too. Both my nieces AND my nephew are dancing this year, and I love it.