Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Bring on fall festivities. And stuff.

It's literally the second week of October and I feel like we've done so much already this fall. We have tons more to do and I'm trying to remember to take more pictures. I have a couple of months in here that I don't have much and I forget that I forget. HA. So if you ever see me with my kids out and about- offer to take a picture of us because I most likely forgot. Even if we're wandering Target. That stuff matters, too.

So here's some of our fall so far:
Matt and I took Penelope and Lucy to the local PBS channel's birthday party at the library. They got to see Curious George and listen to some stories and have a piece of cake. A cute little event that was REALLY crowded, so I was doing every calm down technique I could remember because I was not handling it well. We didn't stay until the end but the girls were happy to see what we saw. 
One weekend we decided to out for a lunch date to Pizza Hut and head over to Chilly Billy's for some froyo. Fun fact: pizza and froyo for six people is a little over $100. I'm not even joking. Do you see why we don't go out much? It was OK because it was a splurge and we don't do it often, and the kids had a really fun time. 
Our fall tradition is to pick pumpkins out at Grandma Renae and Grandpa Fred's house. This year we didn't get out there earlier so they had to pick them all before we got there, BUT! Grandpa is pretty great so he put one for each kid back out into the garden so they could "pick" them. He grows a LOT of pumpkins and we never know how big (or little) our pumpkin will be. 
You can tell Lucy was absolutely THRILLED to find one with her name on it. (He actually carves everyone's name on it months before they are ready so when it grows the name is just on there- it's pretty cool.)
Penelope found hers with Grandma's help and this is the second year in a row hers is the biggest!
Olivia found hers pretty quickly. 
Oh, and Lucy decided she was going to try to carry hers back to the car. She didn't make it far and dad had to help her.
Jackson is actually holding my pumpkin because he broke tradition and put his in the car before I could get a good photo. Mine is actually really heavy so he had a great time carrying it. Ha! 
School is going really well for everyone. Lucy brings me a backpack full of brush, grass, sticks, you name it almost every day. She's convinced I really love it. I absolutely do not love it but she's clearly proud of herself. 
On one of my recent trips to Target I found these containers for $1. I bought a bunch because it's never too early to think about Christmas! These are going to be the teacher gift containers, and they are just really cute. 
Both Penelope and Lucy are big into books and I find myself reading a LOT of them each day. Some evenings Lucy will bring a stack to me but on this night she dragged our entire basket from my office to me. Do you know how long it takes to read all of these? Well over an hour, people. 
I haven't been feeling so well lately and it's because I keep forgetting to take my medication. My memory is getting worse and I don't know what is going on. It's frustrating, and scary, and I'm finding myself forgetting more and more stuff. I've had a couple of scary incidents and it's just exhausting to not be getting better. But, when I forget my medicine I feel like I have the worst flu of my life. I don't, but I definitely feel like it. Lucy always comes up to cuddle with me though and sometimes she'll rub my face and tell me she loves me. She's a pretty great kid.

So that's what our first week of October looked like. Seriously- that's one week.

Once I get my pictures together I have a concert I took Olivia and her friend to, I have a Halloween show the girls are in, maybe Boo at the Zoo, maybe our trip to Burch Barn. Olivia has a dance performance at a football game coming up. The rest of this month is BUSY. Like busy, busy so I just need to keep it together.


Carissa Duclos said...

Are you a twin mama too?! I have boy/girl twins, the girl being Olivia! I love that you take pictures of everything, even the little things. They DO matter!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love taking pictures of my nieces and nephew. I made my mom a photo book from last year of things we did with them, so now I have to do it every year so she's trying to remember to take photos. LOL I love that Penelope and Lucy love books. And Lucy bringing you home all those sticks, etc. is kind of hilarious. Kids are too funny.

You are definitely busy though - I can't believe that was all one week. I hope the rest of October goes well and it's mostly fun things!! I love the pumpkin tradition, and how everyone's name is carved in it. So cool!


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

Sorry that you haven't been feeling the greatest, but it looks like you've been having a lot of Fall fun! The pumpkin pictures are great and I love that you have that tradition! So cute!

mypixieblog said...

I’m so sorry that you haven’t been feeling well. I think of you and your health often and hope that you are taking care of yourself as much as possible ❤️

Also that is a very expensive pizza and froyo date for kiddos!! Who knew?! Then again, I think the last time B and I went out for yogurt it was like $20 for both of us which seemed completely absurd to me!

I love that the pumpkin patch you go to gets the kids name in advance and carves out the names! So cool!!