Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The best mail, art, cuties, and referrals.

I can't remember if I ever shared with you what I got in my October book boxes, so I'm going to show you again because book mail is the BEST MAIL.

Also, do you get book boxes? If you do, leave a comment telling me which ones because I feel like it's time to switch something up here. And I know I said that last month but I for real mean it this time.
The Bookworm Box is still my favorite and I likely won't get rid of this one. 90% of the time I really love the book and discover new authors I end up obsessed with, and that's been really great. This month I got F*ck Marriage by Tarryn Fisher and I'm meh. I read one other book by this author and I gave that one 5 stars and had a gushing review, which is the only reason I put this on my shelf and not in the donate pile. We also got a very cool water bottle, pens (STOP IT WITH THE DAMN PENS), and a Pin Mate, which I now have like five of these in a drawer because I don't know what to do with them. Do I keep them in their package? Do I take them out and just have these wooden people on my shelves? I don't know so they are in a drawer.
I also got my Unplugged Box and this is  the one I want to switch out. Normally our swag is super weird stuff, and we got whipped soap (that green container... what the hell is whipped soap?!), a candle (that smells like men's cologne so I'm down for this), a weird lip balm, two skeleton hand hair clips (which broke almost immediately), this tote bag (which I'll use for library books since my other one broke) and a weird little red cutting board (not pictured because I threw it away). Our book this month is Tinfoil Butterfly by Rachel Eve Moulton. I don't know why this box picks the most bizarre books of all time. I haven't liked one book they've sent and that alone makes me want to cancel it. I'm convinced they send out the books that are overstock somewhere, I'm not kidding.
So let's talk about school. Lucy is doing really well. I'm not sure if this is a ladybug or a fish and I can't understand what she tells me so I don't know... what do you think it is? 
Also, she's learning to write her name! I was so impressed when Penelope came home at the end of 3K writing her name but Lucy is already starting. She's apparently not Lucy, but Lufly, but we're close! 
Penelope is doing really well in school and while the first few weeks were rocky I think she's finding her groove. She plays with kids (well... she chases them) on the playground and one of the boys in her class says she's beautiful. I volunteer at small group time on Wednesdays (which is me helping kids cut stuff out or something) and I get to see her participating, so I know she's alright. 
This past Friday she had no school for teacher training or something so her and I went on a date all morning. We got donuts, went to Target and Hobby Lobby, and then got lunch. It was a pretty fun day and when we got home she said "I like going on dates with you" and it was really sweet.
The other cool thing is getting a call from the middle school telling me Jackson was getting a positive referral. I spoke with one of the assistant principal's who said the referral she got had some of the nicest compliments of a student she has ever seen. His math teachers said he's the most responsible, kind, helpful, respectful, diligent student they have and he is an exemplary example of work-respect-belong  and they blown away at how great of a student he is.

You guys, I cried. I spoke with her on my cell phone and she said she had left a message on my home machine and I haven't deleted it yet because I'm just so proud. I know he's been working his butt off at school and he's doing every extra assignment he can because he just wants good grades. I know I doubt myself as a mom a lot, but my kids are really great. They are at the age now where I'm relying on having given them a good foundation, and I hope it was enough as they get further from the nest.

Also, I'm glad they got their Dad's math smarts because if they had gotten mine they'd be in a world of hurt. HA!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I like the Edgar Allan Poe tote, but yeah, you get some strange things in those boxes. LOL Aw, that's really sweet about Penelope - I'm glad you got to have a morning date with just her. And I think Lucy's art is a ladybug but who knows? haha Congrats to Jackson! What a great kid. You did well!


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

The book boxes look so fun! I have a birthday coming up in November and no clue what I want this year, maybe I should ask for a book subscription! I'm glad to hear the kiddos are doing so well! Congrats to Jackson and I think Lucy made a ladybug.