Monday, December 2, 2019

November 2019 Wrap Up, December Goals

November is always a blah month for me and I always really enjoy December, so I'm pretty alright with us being in it. I'm not hating it. I also did a lot in November so let us begin:

November highlights:

  • My family drove me crazy BUT!!! I bought the best ice cream scoop in the world. 
  • I started getting ready for Christmas by putting my tree up super early and it was amazing. I feel like that's going to be a tradition now. 
  • I shared my wish list and I really hope Santa is good to me this year. I mean, I do his laundry.. I feel like that warrants something. 
  • I talked about struggling with depression and talked about how frustrating it is even still. 
  • I lost some weight (204!), my niece turned five, and I got to go to Chuck E. Cheese and dominate on skee-ball. 
  • We got our family photos done, cards ordered, and I am in the process of addressing them now. 
  • I don't think I technically finished shopping for two kids but I actually am almost done with all four, so that feels like I smashed that goal. I'll be done shopping by the end of this weekend. Matt on the other hand... he waits until the last minute and it drives me crazy. 
Books read: I officially met my 2019 Goodreads challenge of 110 books for the year. I've got an entire month to go, we'll see what I end the year with. I might have to increase that goal for 2020!

December goals:

  • A date with Matt. Seriously, I've been trying to schedule this for two months, but this month I feel like I can make it happen. 
  • Go on a date with Tammy for sure this month. 
  • Bonus would be to see at least one other friend, but that might be lofty. 
  • Go to Bentleyville with the kids.... hopefully on a night that it isn't unbelievably cold. 
  • All three girls are in a holiday dance recital and it would be great to get all of the costumes and stuff in order sooner than the day of like usual. 
  • Bake Christmas cookies. I haven't done this in about four, possibly five years. I tried last year and my recipe comprehension skills are just not there anymore. This year I am going to use pre-made mixes and see if I can do it. I realize I won't be making the quantities I used to, but I would really like to get a few done. Crossing fingers. 

What are YOU looking forward to this month? 


Erica Metcalf said...

Wow! What a month!! <3 I love your goals for December. My husband and I need to make date night a priority this month too! It's been far too long. I think our last date was before we moved... so... August? YIKES. Have a lovely December!!

Lecy | A Simpler Grace said...

A good ice cream scoop is underrated! I know a lot of people who put their Christmas trees and decorations up early. It seems like this season goes by so quickly, I don't blame you for wanting to enjoy it as much as you can. Hope you have a wonderful December! :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I hope date night works out for you and Matt this month, and yay to friend dates too!! I need to make some cookies this week for my cookie exchange party. I'm going to see if I can make gluten-free cookies, so it'll be interesting. LOL I have to have SOMETHING I can eat at least.


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I'm jealous you live so close to Bentleyville. We went up once a couple of years ago when Ollie was a lot younger and more complain-y, I think he'd enjoy it more now. It would definitely take some planning to go. If you go, take lots of pictures for me!