Monday, December 9, 2019

Thanksgiving, Snowmeggdon #1, and more!

I feel like so much has been happening and I've been failing to update it it here, so we're going to do a total random dump of photos and babbling.

First up, Penelope. Penelope is loving 4K and she has the greatest teacher she could possibly have. This woman has endless optimism and you can tell she truly love kids. We've really lucked out in the teacher department because I can only think of two in all of these years that have been meh. Maybe three. That's not bad, and the rest have been exceedingly amazing. Even the teachers I know that my kids haven't had, amazing. Amazing at their jobs but also amazing as people. This year I went into it with real gusto thinking I could finally get into the volunteer swing of things.

I was actually completely wrong.

I've not been doing well in many areas but my cognitive issues are really frustrating and my mental health continues to take a steady nose dive, so I've had to give up volunteering in her class once a week. I hate that because the joy on her face when I would come was so great but honestly, I can't be crying in front of kids. It's not normal or OK.
Her teacher didn't make me feel bad or remind me how crucial volunteers are; instead, she took me aside and told me if there is anything I need or any kind of support to reach out because she truly wants to help.

It's that kind of continued support that means everything. I am grateful for having a really great tribe and I know I'm lucky.

With that, let's talk turkey. And eating it. It was delicious, both days I had it. On Thanksgiving we went to have dinner with Matt's family and that's always great because I don't have to cook, but the kids get to hang out with their aunt Kate and uncle Karl. 
But also play with retro toys! This time an old cassette player and a basket of cassettes was found and watching Penelope try to work this was the best. She spent the better part of an hour putting tapes in, playing them for a few seconds, stopping, and doing it all over with a new tape. 
Meanwhile Lucy went around and ate everyone's snacks off their plate when they weren't looking. She's quiet but man, she's sneaky. She also really loves food. 
Penelope conned uncle Karl into playing with his laptop and ultimately spending all of his money on coins or something in some game, but getting him further in Angry Birds. She thinks uncle Karl is the best and they have similar personalities so he may find himself with an adorable niece to babysit as she gets older. 
You'll notice Jackson skipped everything and went right for his ugly Christmas sweater. Also, we all love Hank the dog. Hank is pretty great. 
The elf showed up at our house. His name is Sam and he's pretty lame. Our elf mostly moves from shelf, to tree, to a stocking, back to a shelf, and rotate. Every once in awhile he gets saucy and moves to the kitchen. 
We had snowmageddon. It took down our gigantic cedar tree and the bushes. Good news, I won't have to pay the outrageous prices I was quoted for trimming them (so I can see out my kitchen window), but now we have a massive project of pulling them all out ourselves this coming summer. I'll have to plant some other stuff there but ugh... I can't grow things well so I'm really nervous I'm going to spend money just to watch it all die. 
The bunk beds have been installed! Penelope is on top, Lucy is on bottom, and (so far) we've had nobody falling out, no jumping, no hanging off of the ceiling fan, it's gone OK. 
I'm hoping this week we can get rid of her toddler bed and start moving stuff around so their room doesn't feel so cluttered. 
My tree down. I'm still upset. It's going to stay like this until all the snow is gone. Ugh. 
Lucy really loves playing with her Calico Critters and her new thing is to find the toilet and put a bunny on it and say, "POOPING" really loud, several times. It's the worst. 
Penelope will do the same thing only because they copy each other on annoying or bad things, never good things and this is what it must feel like to have twins. It's so hard. 
I got my Christmas cards all filled out, addressed, sealed, stamped, and in the mail! These aren't them but are some thank you/winter cards I made. I got an itch to make something the other day so I just started pulling things out and here we are. I'm going to try doing this more often, it definitely uses a different part of your brain.

What are you up to? I have a little Christmas shopping to finish up but I'm hoping I can do that this week. Crossing fingers!


mypixieblog said...

Lucy is a girl after my own heart. I love that she stole snacks from everyone’s plates when they weren’t looking LOL. It sounds like you had a really nice Thanksgiving and I hope that you are taking it easy in the coming weeks of 2019. I’m also really glad that you found a school with teachers who are very supportive and pull you aside to offer kindness.

My uncle and aunt were recently in town from Norway and they made an interesting observation about the trees at my parents house. They said that in Norway the trees are taken care of from the beginning of their growth and that they don’t have the same instances of fallen trees as we do in the United States (of course logistically this is incredibly difficult because we have 1,000,000x their population but still). Anyway I hope all is well with you and sending lots and lots of love from New Jersey. ❤️

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I'm seriously LOLing at Lucy stealing everyone's snacks. She's so cute though I imagine it's hard to be mad at her! Those retro toys too me back! I think I had that exact little tape player. Too funny.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, and I love that Lucy steals snacks. LOL Penelope's teacher sounds amazing. It's so important to have good teachers who actually care about their job. I'm sorry you can't volunteer anymore, but that's great the teacher was so nice and supportive. That's how it SHOULD BE!

Ooh love the cards you made. I know you love all the paper crafting, so you should do it more! It's fun! I need to take my own advice and get back to scrapbooking. haha

I have MOST of my Christmas shopping done, so that's a plus at least. I'm a bit behind this year. Oh! I got my items for Olivia, so those should be in the mail ASAP.