Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Weekend at Grandma's and Bentleyville

It's so weird to think this is basically mid-December. Needless to say, I don't have much of my December to-do list done and I feel like I'm dragging. Time moves on though and last weekend Olivia, Jackson, and Penelope went to Grandma's for gingerbread houses and caroling. It's a tradition but this is the first year Penelope was old enough to go.

Of course, Lucy was devastated (seriously, she was an emotional mess) that she wasn't going to we took her on a little date.
Her and Woody went out to eat with us at the mall, which is always fun because really, our kids don't eat out at restaurants that often, having six of us is just too expensive. 
So Lucy was pretty excited because she got to order what she wanted and didn't have to share with Penelope. 
I love this picture because she's so serious as she scribbles furiously on her paper. She's big into making us "mystery maps" and we have no idea what any of it means but it's a big deal. 
She got to go play in the little play area they have and she carried Woody on her shoulders, like Andy does in the movie. It was adorable. As we were leaving she wanted ice cream so while Matt was trying to tell her we have some at home, I'm the cool mom so I said we can totally have ice cream. He's not great at spontaneous fun, but this kid knows I'm a sucker for ice cream.

It was delicious. 
I think I mentioned it but I managed to get our Christmas cards done and in the mail. That's always an undertaking, but it's something I enjoy doing. I really like getting cards in the mail so here's hoping we get a few!
When the big kids came home I got to see their gingerbread houses. I had to take Olivia to dance and Matt was going to drop off Penelope and Lucy off at dance a little later. Lucky for me, he let them eat candy for an hour straight, with no naps, so you can imagine how fun THAT was.

We were supposed to get a snow storm that night but the temperature was oddly warm (and by warm, I mean 35 degrees) so we decided that was the night to go to Bentleyville.  I've only recently learned that some people think Bentleyville is tacky and terrible, but I absolutely love it. The kids (and I) get so excited seeing it be put up, the lights coming on, we go once every December, and do all the things. It's amazing and FREE. There aren't many really great free things to do with kids, especially where we live, so we try to take advantage of as many that we can. This was the first year we were there for them turning the lights on for the night, so that was fun.
Lucy was all about the panda bear and the penguin. She was a little upset she didn't get to hug the penguin, but she hung onto that panda for dear life. This was her as she was done because I wasn't fast enough. 
I didn't bring my selfie stick so no family photo, but I did manage to get the kids in front of the big tree. 
The big tree is my favorite. I thought I was taking a video of the light show to music but it turns out I took one photo instead. I'm officially an old lady who can't work the phone. 
We also stood in line to see Santa. I was SO SURPRISED that Penelope went right up there and on his lap. She really hates strangers but she was really into Santa. Lucy shouted to him she wanted a cat piano (don't worry, Grandma got it!), and it was kind of funny how she did it. That kid cracks me up.

So yeah, we're clipping right along through December.

Tomorrow I'll have a book review for you. Thursday Olivia has a band concert and she's nervous, and Lucy also has a family craft day at school. Friday I see the weightloss doctor and I'm really nervous, and Olivia and Jackson are going to see The Nutcracker with Matt's parents. I'm hoping I can hang out with Tammy on Saturday, and then dance on Sunday. No rest for the weary, I suppose.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Fun, free activity for families? Yeah, those can be rare, so that's awesome you got to go and everyone had fun. I love that Penelope wasn't scared of Santa!!! Aw, I'm sure Lucy loved her little date with just you and Matt. I know it's rare for them to be with you one-on-one, so it worked out nice!!!


Lecy | A Simpler Grace said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Your kids have some of the funniest expressions on their faces in the pictures you share. What cuties!