Monday, January 20, 2020

Books, Cuties, Clarinets, and Barbie Sacrifices.

It is only mid-January but we've had a pretty full month. I have two more doctor appointments to get through this month and that's my psychiatrist and therapist. Both easily my favorite doctors and I'm trying to get as much lined up before the trip I go with Olivia on. In March her and I are joining a bunch of other eighth graders from her school and going to Washington D.C and New York City. It's about a week long, lots of walking, and lots of stuff to see and do. It will be a fun trip, I'm just worried I'm going to get sick or get disoriented, all of that. So we'll see. I'm getting everything that I can in order before we go so I'm as prepared as possible.

In the meantime, life keeps moving, and here's what's shaking, bacon.
Did I tell you I got a really good box from The Bookworm Box in December?  The book looks good, it was a neat bookmark, but it also came with a book light! Easily the coolest/best swag we've gotten! I only get the one book box but I get a physical book and a few days later I get an ebook in my email so technically I get two books. I didn't renew for January, and I'm on the fence about February.
Penelope and Lucy are little jokers. They crack me up every day and are super lovey dovey together as of late. They always have been but I hear one asking for a hug from the other more often and it is really pretty cute. 
Matt has given me a new desk (post on that later, maybe Thursday), and Penelope was pretty excited to be able to hold the wood he was cutting off. She ended up decorating it for me and I've since threw it out because I'm trying to minimize, not add to the pile. But she was really proud and keeps telling people she cut wood.
I finally started putting my multi photo frames together and got them put up! The bottom one with the quote was a Christmas gift from Olivia. All of the photos were ones she had on her phone and she picked them out, got them printed, and found a frame. Grandma Renae helped take her places, but she was so proud of it and I completely love it. The top one is one that I got as a gift years ago and I've had next to my work desk since and I finally got it put together. It took FOREVER and I really love it. A lot of old pictures, some recent, and it is the only one with the three photos that I have of my parents. That's really all I have aside from the few from my wedding. I really need to get more. 
I was shopping before Christmas and found this shoes and immediately texted Matt a photo saying these would make a great gift. He went to the store, showed them my text, and that was one of my gifts! Every single time I wear these out I get a ton of compliments on them. (They were at Journey's if you want a pair of your own!)
Another thing the Bookworm Box does is they have a store. You can shop it in person somewhere in Texas OR you can shop online and that's always fun. They currently have a sale on unsigned books so I decided to go take a peek. I ended up spending $50 to get the free shipping and came out with an entire series and one other book that sounded interesting. 
I ended up getting an extra book, earbuds in a case, pens, pins, chapstick, cup holder thingie- whatever its called, and a mini book in my box as extra bonus. So if you want to go SHOP THE SALE, it goes until January 31. I also highly recommend you get on their email list because every couple of months they have a half off sale and all of the books are 50% off and that's always a great deal. Last year I got a bunch of books between $3-8, so that was really nice.
Jackson had his first band concert last week, he plays clarinet, and he was so excited the night before to tell me he had a small speaking part to introduce a song. He did a great job reading in front of a lot of people, then the entire band sounded really good. I was pretty impressed. 
It was really adorable to see him be so proud of himself. I think sixth graders don't really know what to expect when they have a band concert so it's kind of stressful getting ready for it because it isn't like the elementary school sing-a-longs. He said he had a good time though and is excited to see how they do in the spring.

Speaking of band, Olivia gets to play with the high school pep band as an experience to show kids what high school band is like. It's obviously much more fast paced, learning more songs in a shorter amount of time, and even the pep band practice is tough. She has like two weeks to learn 15 songs or something? All I know is she practices a lot every night and she's doing well because I can identify songs with even just her flute. I think I am going to go see her play, I don't know if anyone else is going to come with me because its at a basketball game, so I might bring a book. 
All of us (except Matt) has been various forms of sick. Penelope and Lucy have had a cold and on/off fevers and Penelope has an awful cough so I kept them home from school on Friday. That was pretty crappy because I had to get an oil change that day so Matt had to leave work to take my car because the two littles looked like death and I didn't think I should take them out and infect others, which was a smart idea because it took almost two hours. Matt was not happy. Over the weekend Jackson and I were sick and I'm still not feeling great, it feels like I have fluid in my lungs and it hurts. I have to ask the pulmonary doctor about that when I go in March.

Hilariously, Penelope told me that Barbie also was sick and so she was going to see a ritual doctor. She actually said "ritual doctor". Where did she learn THAT?!
Two weeks ago she found this book on our kid lit bookshelf and wanted me to read it to her and I said absolutely not. Completely not appropriate for a four year old. Though she has become obsessed with Scooby Doo and has seen every episode on Netflix of every show. We can thank Olivia and Jackson for introducing her to that.


Anthea said...

I've never had a subscription box but I hear the book ones are super fun. Looks like you got great goodies.
Your photo frames are lovely by the way!
Hope you are all feeling better and all the best with your appointments - hope they go well.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, I love that frame that Olivia gave you for Christmas. What a sweet gift, and yay for getting your other frame all together too. Ugh, being sick is the worst. I hope you all start feeling better soon. "ritual doctor" - that's hilarious!! Is she learning this from Scooby Doo?! lol

I'm glad Jackson did well at his concert, especially speaking in front of people!! I couldn't have done that at his age.