Friday, January 3, 2020

Raging at band concerts and dancing queens.

I have so many things to catch you up and I can't remember where I left off so if any of this is a repeat... ignore that and pretend you've never seen these photos before.

Lucy had her family day at school, she was completely thrilled to have me come to her school so she can show me all the things.
I love how they do meal time there, they have the kids "wash" their dishes (obviously they get for real wash but this makes the kids feel like they are doing it) and it explains why she always wants to wash things at home. She knows how to scrape her plate and clean the table, but we're going to incorporate this for her. 
I had a really great time and she's the cutest little bug. Plus I gave her the bonus of leaving early so we met Penelope at home and they got more play time together before nap so that was fun.

Olivia also had her band concert. I remember telling her in fifth grade that if she chooses band, and I buy an instrument (a $90 used flute, but STILL), she was committed all of middle school to this. It was a little dicey in sixth grade and I really considered backing down from that, but here we are in eighth grade and she enjoys it. She practices a LOT so I was excited to hear how they sounded as a band.
In comparison to their first year? Stellar! I was so impressed and even if I didn't have the program, I easily could have identified songs. I knew which ones were her favorite and I can see why because they were really great. They did the theme song for Ghostbusters and it was so great! I've heard her play it at home but truly, with all of the other instruments it sounded really good. 
I had to take a picture with my girl because that was her last middle school winter concert. SERIOUSLY. It feels like yesterday I was freaking out she was even going to middle school and here we are, inching closer to high school.

I'm not even ready.

Penelope also had her first winter concert. Even though she's only in 4K they had them do two songs at the very beginning of the concert and it was stinking adorable
She went through all of her stages of shyness: crossed legs, tongue in cheek, swaying back and forth, and then finally, twirling her hair in her ear. She did sing the entire time, though!
I forget what the first song was but they sang "The Reindeer Hokey Pokey" and that was absolutely the cutest thing ever! 
Her teacher gave them little antlers, put a red sticky dot on their noses, and put cotton balls on their bottom so it looked like a tail. Super creative and cute and now I know what she was trying to sing the two weeks leading up to it!

OK, we also had the dance recital! I was a little nervous because I have Penelope and Lucy in an all year class (it's September-May) but then I signed them up for a special six week session on a different day thinking it's a fun thing for them to go do. Great idea until I realize they will have a costume change at the recital and I can't go back to help otherwise I'll miss Olivia dancing. So I brought all their stuff and wished them well back there. HA! 
Lucy was completely ready for it, and that was surprising because in class she never seems to have any clue what's going on. Penelope, who is with it in class and practices at home, wanted no part of it. She was totally nervous and I had to coax her with Olivia's friends to get her off of me. 
As you can see though, they did a great job and Lucy didn't just sit on the floor this time! Last year she sat on the floor, but did the moves, and this year she was up with the rest of the girls.

Next up was Olivia. She's in several classes this year: lyrical, kick, jazz, hip hop, and ballet. Ballet is a non-performing class but when you include the finale dance for the show she ended up having five dances to do. 
First up was lyrical, it's her favorite class and probably the hardest dance for her. She works so hard in class each week and felt so confident. She was doing some kind of turn beautifully, the best she has ever done, and she fell. My heart broke because I could see it on her face. She's never fallen on a turn and this shook her. It was still a beautiful dance. Watching her dance makes my heart want to burst because I know it's her most favorite thing in the whole world. 
Their jazz dance was the opening dance and it was pretty good. This one was her kick dance and it's a disco-like song that sounds like laser beams and it's the worst. It's also an incredibly fast paced dance and I'm surprised at how well they've put it together in just a few classes. The kick dance is what wipes her energy out every Monday. The hip hop dance was really good too, I kind of love it. All four girls in the class are friends and I think that really helps. 
The finale had several classes together and was really good considering they've only had a couple of practices with all of the girls together. It's been classes learning their parts, so I was so impressed at how well it looked. 
I was only able to grab one photo with the girls because it was so full of people, Matt was stressing me out, I could feel my anxiety sky rocketing, and yeah. We had to get out of there quickly. 
And one quick one with my girl, who was completely exhausted after the show. I think she even came home and crashed with a quick nap, and I don't blame her.

Next up for her are competitions and I'm looking forward to them because those are always fun to go to. I like watching all of the other groups.

Jackson has his band concert coming up in January, I think he's nervous but he's definitely practicing his clarinet a lot! Olivia and Jackson both joined Forensics this year, and this will be Olivia's third  year doing it. I think it's good for Jackson to do it so he can have practice speaking in front of people.

Olivia and I are going on the Washington D.C./New York City trip organized through her school in March. She's super excited, I'm super nervous. I think they are giving us information on what we need for the trip soon so watch me obsessively pack and unpack my suitcase for two months.

Oh! I'm in the middle of revamping my office/library/craft room. I found the perfect idea for a desk and Matt said if we ordered the pieces he would put it together and help me. It's going to take up basically my whole room, but I think once my current desk and some craft shelving is gone... it'll not be so overwhelming. But YAY for having a place to do stuff again. I miss that the most at our old house. I used to have a closet in the dining room that had cupboards and this huge desk space. It was so great. Now I've got a very small shelf to work on and it's kind of the worst. So stay tuned for that.


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

You had a busy month with all those performances! The girls all look so cute in their dance costumes though! So much fun!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, I'm glad the concert went well for Olivia and Penelope. And all the girls are adorable in their costumes. I love watching people dance. That's the one bad thing about BEING in my show, is that I don't get to see all the acts. haha Dance starts up again for me this week though so I'm excited about that.

I'm so glad you're able to go on the trip with Olivia. I'm sure you'll have a blast! And I'm curious to see this new work desk for you.