Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Car hoarder, "School", and New Wheels

Last week was a WEEK. I know it seems like time is crawling by but Olivia tells me we are entering our fourth week of quarantined-distance learning. Which makes sense because I opened Lucy's "week four" bag today so... that's how that's going.

Sometimes I think it is probably good we are moving/cleaning/repairing/hopefully selling the old house because maybe I would go nuts otherwise. Or maybe not, I don't know.

What I do know is the stress of doing all of that is really getting to me, guys.
It was exciting this weekend though, I got to empty out my vehicle! Jackson had to mostly do it because I am in actual pain since stopping my RA meds (but hey- my hair isn't falling out at such an alarming rate) so I was basically useless. I've been driving around looking like a car hoarder (as pictured) so I'm glad to not have a rocket from Matt's childhood riding right behind me. 
Also! I got to try out my new mop that I got for Christmas. If you don't have this super awesome spin mop thingie- you are missing it because it is the best ever. Not only did my floors get super clean, but spinning it is super fun if that's all you have left in life to enjoy.
I have resigned from playing games with Penelope because if she loses? God help you. If she even thinks she's going to lose? God help you. Lucy just goes wherever she feels like it on the board.
Oh! Fun thing, I've had friends drop off some toys for Pep and Lu! I'm sorting out things they don't play with so much and they haven't taken an interest in Polly Pockets and Littlest Pet Shop. Of course, I have no money to go buy such things and I figured people are probably cleaning stuff out like I am so I asked on Facebook. Sure enough, someone had things to get rid of and then someone else tagged me in a stranger's post about getting rid of stuff. So that's been fun for them, Lucy is the most excited. Clearly. 
I have been laminating all of the things. All of them. Everything. It has seriously become the highlight of my day and I am aware of how lame that sounds. 
Lucy made "binoculars" and we went on a color hunt and I learned that pulling a wagon with 70 lbs. of kids isn't the most fun. 
My gnome holding toilet paper came in. I also got my sign put up. I can't have it above the toilet because Matt didn't center the small cabinet above the toilet like a normal person and instead centered it between the window and the mirror like some kind of psychopath. 
Oh yes. So we had one really nice day. I decided to do a Target pick up for jelly beans, Pepsi, and something else. You know, the essentials.

On my way home I get a frantic call from Olivia asking me if I have a house key. Of course I do, so I tell her I'll be there in a bit. 
As soon as I get there, all four kids are hanging out in the backyard and Lucy starts enthusiastically telling me about the door being locked. And that Penelope did it. Of course I go to use my key and no. No, it isn't the house door that is locked, you can clearly see that its open, it's the SCREEN DOOR that is locked.

Easy fix, I'll go open the front door, no big deal.

Except my house key does not unlock the front door.

So I call my parents in Florida. They have no idea what key opens it, they've never had to use it.

So I call Matt at work. He has me looking in my car for a thingie to change tires, I don't have one so that's out. I find nothing in the garage because of course at that point, 90% of our garage items are in a storage container not here. He decides to come home and help us.
Ladies, get you a man who can break into a house. Shortly after this he disabled all of the locking capabilities on the screen door. Still don't have a working key for the front door, but I'm not worried since I do have a key for the back door. 
We have had intense pogo stick competitions. Neither Olivia or Jackson are good enough to last longer than 30 seconds but its funny to watch it go down. 
Oh! And I had forgotten that Lucy outgrew her tricycle so I gave it away. Totally forgot all about this. She didn't though, and for WEEKS she has asked if we would take her to get a new bike. Of course we can't so Matt went and got the least expensive one at Walmart in stock and came home. 
Do you see that face? That is the look of joy right there. That girl can't pedal to save her life but she sits on it, rocks back and forth and says, "woo woo". I mean, I wish I could just be that happy again. Not a dang care in the world, you know?

Anyways. More updates soon. I'm still reading, house goes on market this week, I swept the floor AND took a shower this week. Big doings, folks.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

"get you a man who can break into houses." On it! LOL Yay for nice days outside though - I think it's supposed to warm up here next week, and I'm ready for it. It's been cold and wet for too long, and I get more reading done on my front porch than just in my house - less distractions or something, I don't know! It's more relaxing I guess!


mypixieblog said...

I want that moo. And also I love how your family is staying busy in quarantine. I mean, sucks about the screen door but at least you have a hubby who can break into shit lol. I miss Target so much: I’ve been so nervous about going out and getting exposed to anything that I’ve largely self isolated but I ask bryan for updates from the outside world whenever he does go out lol. Like WHAT IS IT LIKE OUT THERE?? Who did you see??

Lord help us all.