Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Jackson turned 12. The nerve.

The worst part about a coronavirus quarantine is having a birthday in the middle of it. I got totally screwed and all of my dinner dates with friends has been postponed and that stinks. Jackson and Penelope both have April birthdays and both wanted a party. At least a get together with friends.

Needless to say I kind of killed the fun when I let them know the quarantine is more important.

Jackson turned 12 on Saturday and I did my best to give him a fun little day. Sure, Matt and I were at the old house working for the morning and into the afternoon, but after that we had fun little evening.
I ordered Jackson a My Little Pony cake because we were joking around and that was that. You can't see it but it does say "sorry about the quarantine" on the bottom. 
Birthday kid picks dinner and his choice was hamburgers (grilled) and Kraft macaroni and cheese (tall/skinny box), which is becoming a rare item in stores. Everyone sang to him, of course. 
Penelope and Lucy were all about cake and ice cream. 
Olivia was there, she was really only there for the burger. 
He got the new shoes he really wanted, these earbuds he asked for, and a puzzle with young adult book covers on it. 
I also got him a new black hat and this shirt (only funny if you watch The Office) and also a pair of Prison Mike socks (again, only funny if you watch The Office). My parents got him a TV for his room because the one he had broke in the move somehow so he was super happy about that. Hopefully we'll get to celebrate with Matt's parent's soon but we are all hunkered down and hoping we don't get sick. 
And of course, my annual birthday picture with my boy. It's crazy to think he's 12 already. I think it would feel stranger if Penelope and Lucy weren't here because he'd be my last. I don't know. He is a really great kid and while he's moody and grouchy some days, he's really great and helpful more days than not and he's an absolute treat to call my own.

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, Happy Birthday to Jackson! I love the cake - and it looks like he got some awesome presents. I hope he can celebrate with friends and other family members sooner than later. My oldest niece turns 9 on Sunday - yep, Easter- and I hate that I can't see her in person. My birthday is May 30 so big *fingers crossed* things aren't nearly as bad and I can at least get out of the house or something. LOL