Monday, May 18, 2020

Warmer days...kind of.... if you like wind

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May is a weird month in northern Wisconsin. It can either be snowing and horrible, or it's 60's and teasing you with warmer weather. I can't really handle 100 degrees anymore, but I'm alright with anything above 70. We've had a lot of 50's and the kids are begging for shorts and I'm supervising from inside shouting things like, "Lucy do NOT lick the shovels!".

Anyways, here are some pictures of life lately:
Lucy had her end of the year IEP meeting for speech. We drafted something for the fall so as of right now she will have speech services as she enters 4K. I think it is really good for her and we've noticed an improvement over the year. Last year we would get random words but now she can put together sentences and you can understand her half the time, but that's progress and I'll take it! They still think she might have an apraxia issue but time will tell for this little one. 
Oh Penelope. Penelope has been the one that I have always said is not like the other ones. Definitely not in a bad way, I love that she's unique and very sure what she likes and does not like. She is so smart and I think she's so imaginative and funny. She broke my heart over the weekend singing a song she came up with that I posted a part of on my Facebook page, but in short saying "she made no friends in 4K", "nobody else likes unicorns but me so nobody plays with me" and then saying things like she is sad and lonely.

Guys. She's only FIVE. I know this quarantine is hard on all of this, but I really didn't realize what a big deal it was to her and even Lucy. We've been participating in virtual classroom things but truly, I think not being able to see her friends again and her teacher (who she LOVES) is really upsetting for her. 
Lucy is all about 4K though, she cannot wait to go. I don't know why but she thinks we are skipping summer and just going to school. Which.... I really hope we can start like planned in the fall because if I have to tell them we have to home school again, they might cry louder than me. I'm trying to not take it personally, but I'm well aware I am not equipped to be a teacher. If this was five years ago, I'd easily be able to make themed weeks and bang this out but oy. It's a win if we get dressed.
Olivia has decided to just go right to adulthood without consulting me. Just kidding. She's undergoing so many great changes this summer, I don't think she realizes what a big deal all of this is. First, she got herself a JOB. I'm not kidding! She is doing work a few days a week where Matt works but she's in the office. She is desperately trying to make some money because frankly, I can't afford an allowance even though she does a TON for me. She's basically my right hand, and that's not an exaggeration. She also is starting in the Upward Bound program through UWS, which has a pretty intense application process.  This year around 60 kids applied and she is one of the 12 that were accepted and I wish I had taken a picture of her face when she found out she got in. It's basically four years of college prep and I think this will be good for her because she's pretty nervous about college and gliding into adulthood.
Jackson is gliding into teenager life himself complete with moodiness! (Yeah, I know you're seeing this, Jackson, square up. xoxo) Dad told him he's going to start mowing the lawn this year to earn some cash and I think he's happy about that. He has taken on the job of reading bedtime stories to Pep & Lu and he's going a great job with it. He's really adjusted well to online school for the rest of this year and I'm really proud about that, considering its his first year of middle school. I really hope next year is smoother/easier for him and he finds his place. It is so weird for me to think he is going to be in seventh grade next year!!
We are closing on our old house soon and I'm kind of sad about it. I know it's annoying to people because it IS the best thing for us. I know this 100%. I also know that I feel like a failure, like if I had just done things differently our family wouldn't be in this spot. Also not owning a house feels really weird and I don't like this feeling. At all. I really hope we can pay things off quickly and figure out a game plan. 
I took the kids for a car ride the other day and it was the first one since mid-March. The whole experience was hilarious for me. I'm really hoping things warm up more so that maybe we can go find some trails or something to walk on just for a change in scenery.

Matt and I are doing OK. I have a ton of telehealth appointments this week and I hate it. I am so grateful my friend Trish made us each a face mask because Penelope and I will each need to wear one when I take her to her well child visit next week, I think. It's just weird. The playgrounds have opened up here and the kids so badly want to go but I really don't think I can risk it. I'm so worried about getting coronavirus and I get angry when people brush it off. I don't wish this fear on anyone but I wish they understood what it felt like having something like this looming over you everyday.

Aside from that, I'm meh. I'm hanging in there. I'm not as depressed as last week but definitely not what I'd consider good.

I do have SO MANY book reviews coming up soon and I'm so excited to share those with you. Stay tuned!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my goodness it's so crazy how fast your kiddos are growing up. I can't believe Olivia has a JOB. WHAT!?!?!

The wind is driving me insane here. I just want SUMMER.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Congrats to Olivia on the program she made and having a summer job! That's all very exciting.

I hope Jackson has a much better 7th grade than 6th, but it's good he's doing well with online classes. And having a way to earn some money himself sounds like something that will be good for him.

Oh, Lucy...I hope that school starts normal in the Fall since she's so excited! It's crazy times for sure.

Omg, Penelope - that is so sad about her little song. Gah, I wish you lived around me because your little ones would get along with my youngest niece SO WELL. Probably my older niece too, really.

I've had a lot of appointments lately - some in person even. I've been wearing my mask and doing what I can and all that, but it's nerve wracking for sure. I'm definitely worried about my immediate family, so I get the fear and I hate that people just shrug it off.

I hope we all get some warmer weather soon!!