Thursday, June 18, 2020

Eating Donuts While Slipping Through An Inferno

With a title like that, how could you NOT be here, am I right? Well you'll be sorely disappointed once you see how lame our summer has been so far. Ha! 
The biggest excitement was when the city came to do this to our fire hydrant. The little girls and I sat and watched this the entire time and were bummed when he left to do another one. It was the highlight of our day. (This is when you can pretend I'm saying this in the "Dear Diary" voice for cats on TikTok.)
One day though, there was a random mini-donut stand in the most bizarre location so we had Matt stop after work. We're all pretty sure there will be no fair this summer which is totally fine because I only go for the donuts. But you know what? I didn't even like the donuts. I was really disappointed and honestly, if I never have another mini-donut, I think I'll be fine. 
We didn't get the pool up until a week-ish ago and it was kind of hot for a few days there, so I thought we'd use our sprinkler. Which is an amazing idea if everyone would put every piece to the sprinkler in the box. 

Spoiler: my family does not do this. 

So did not have said sprinkler to use. Jackson had the idea of a slip and slide so I had Matt stop after work to purchase said item. The next day it takes Jackson a really ridiculous amount of time to set this up and I thought for sure this would be the hit of the summer. 
As it turns out, it isn't easy. I told Penelope to go first and she literally belly flopped onto the ground and began screaming because she almost knocked the wind out of herself. 
I then convinced Lucy to go next, but my girl isn't stupid so she crawled onto it and managed to just lay there. I don't know that she understood the slide part. 
After awhile they were just army crawling around so I thought I would obviously send the pro in. 
Keep in mind Jackson kept telling me him and Olivia did this "all the time" with Grandma Cindi and made it sound like he knew what he was doing. Cue him running and then slamming onto his knees and falling to his stomach. 

Needless to say he didn't last long and the little girls ended up playing in the puddle at the end. 
I managed to get all of my hair cut off. Nobody can figure out why I am losing ridiculous amounts of hair so I decided I'd just go and get it majorly cut off. I don't know how much I ended up taking off but it was down to the middle of my back and I have VERY thick hair, so it looked like a dead dog on the floor. 
My friend Shirley and I succumbed to the Passionflix channel solely to watch Gabriel's Inferno. I absolutely LOVED the books so I was all in for this. It was meh. I've decided that while the actress is just terrible, I'm starting to warm up to the guy, and I have to reserve final judgment until I see all three parts. But I'm telling you, if this doesn't pick up in part two and give me some damn steam, I'm going to be ticked off. 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, sorry the slip n slide did not go as well as you'd planned. LOL And boo for bad mini donuts!! I mostly go to fairs for the food too - and if there's a specific show or something that I want to see. I've been doing a lot of swimming, because it makes me feel like I'm "going somewhere" and helps pass the time, etc. Plus, it's a good place for me to get reading done. LOL