Thursday, July 16, 2020

Chronicles of 2020, Julyish.

It feels like surely it can't be July but also... how is it only July? At this point in the summer I start buying school clothes and supplies. Honestly, I have no idea what to do at this point. I don't want to buy new jeans if we're going to be in pajamas. I don't want to buy nice supplies for classrooms if I'll make the kids use the busted crayons and almost dried up markers. It's a really stressful time. 

Let's talk about things that have been happening the first half of Julyish. 
We bought a new vacuum. Our died, well it runs but it doesn't suck anything up, so Matt found this beast. It works SO WELL. It also is so damn hard to push. I felt a little vindicated when Matt also could not push it. As it turns out, there is a thing you have to push with your foot for the brush or something and then you can push it. We are all morons. 
The mail carrier hates me. I'm sure of it. He used to say hello and be friendly and now he just rudely throws it down and doesn't say hi. It's not MY fault everything comes on the same day in a million packages from the same place and same order. 
Lucy has spent a lot of time as a super hero lately. Grandma made her a red sequin cape (which you can't see here) and we have a Wonder Woman mask from Penelope's costume and this is what we have. Until she runs into a wall or stubs her toe and then it's all over. 
My gastric exit scan is set for July 27 and I am not excited about it. Lately I have had so many issues eating fresh fruits and vegetables. I have been craving red grapes for weeks and I finally bought some. Ate them. Regretted it for days. I hope I don't have gastroparesis but honestly, it isn't looking good. 
We continue to catch the ice cream truck. Jackson and I have a system and we are both on our phones tracking the truck via GPS on their website. That's how intense the Friday ice cream truck excitement is. 
Jackson continues to be a HUGE help for me. He does a lot every day for me. Almost every morning I struggle to wake up, and then to move, so he is helping the girls get dressed (they do it but he supervises that they aren't wearing full fleece when its going to be 90 degrees) and breakfast. 
We do a lot of crafts. I am 100% done with craft time with the kids. I just have no patience for it like I used to and I don't know what's wrong with me. 
I sit in the yard and stare at this tree a lot. It's a pretty nice tree and it has a nice sound when the wind blows. I'm fully aware I sound nuts right now. 
The trampoline we ordered in February finally came! I shouldn't say finally because it clearly said it likely would be here in October, but it came and Matt got it set up. The little girls call it a "jumpolene" and it's freaking adorable. 
Olivia is all done with Upward Bound for the summer and guess where the annual trip is? HAWAII. They aren't sure if they are going during Winter Break or Spring Break. If it is winter break, our girl is going to Hawaii. I'm equal parts thrilled and completely jealous since that is Matt and I's dream trip. We don't have to pay anything, it is paid through the program so it such an opportunity. BUT. If it is during Spring Break she won't be able to go because our DC/NYC trip is rescheduled for then and there are no refunds so we are going. 
Other than that, we've been here. We're getting restless and sick of being home. The Covid numbers here are slowly going up because people aren't social distancing, wearing masks, staying out of the damn bars, so I'm getting worried about the start of school. I'm on the fence about all of it: on one hand I need these kids to leave the house and socialize and learn stuff but on the other hand, I have friends who work in schools and I'm really worried for them. It doesn't feel like there is a right answer, certainly nothing that will work for everyone. I'm sure every school in America is facing the same issues. 

That is the scoop here, nothing too exciting. 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm so glad Jackson is being a huge help - especially in the mornings with the girls. That's awesome. I'm jealous of Olivia too! I want to go to Hawaii. I hope she can make it though, since you don't have to pay for anything, so that would be great - and then she'd get that and her DC/NYC trip -- which I hope you have a blast on next year! Yay for the trampoline finally arriving. And I tend to get tons of mail all at once too. LOL It happens!!!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

It looks like you all are making the most of summer despite everything going on. I don't know how all parents are handling the uncertainty of the school year. It makes me so sad for the kids and the parents and the teachers. What a strange time.