Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Summer is losing steam.

Don't get me wrong, I actually really like the school year. My therapist pointed it out that its likely because it is a steady schedule and routine, and it doesn't appear that I can thrive without that. 

She's not wrong, y'all. 

While I basically live for routines and schedules, I am also an anxious ball of emotions at the same time because it is going to be a NEW schedule and routine and (hilariously) I also dislike new things. You can imagine how much fun I am. 

So instead of all of that, lets talk about some of life right now-ish. 

I know I've mentioned it before but when people tell me scrapbooking right now isn't important, I know for sure it is something who really doesn't understand what it is like to lose memories. I'm not talking misplacing your car keys or your phone, forgetting what you need at a store, stuff like that. That is also stupid and inconsequential and WE ALL DO THAT. 

What I experience is forgetting your entire wedding. A child's birth. Key moments from my life (graduation, jobs I've had, places I've gone), and the memories that make you.... well, you. Your collective life experiences and events have shaped you as a person. 

Those have all happened to me, I just can't remember them. 

The great thing is that I have scrapbooks from things years ago. I normally do a smaller 8x8 book for summers or vacations we've done. Penelope and Lucy look through them every day, and I do too. Sometimes I remember, most of the time I don't. But it just reaffirms that these scrapbooks mean something to other people in our house, too. 
Penelope got a little set of play makeup for her birthday in the hopes she would stop ruining Olivia's or stealing mine. It actually worked but being able to use the makeup is a treat and she knows she has to be VERY good (we also can't be going anywhere because YIKES) for mom to pull it out. It's been funny watching her doing it and you can always hear her saying, "when it doubt, put more on". LOL!!!
We have played in the yard so much this summer and I'm so glad. I know I'll miss it when winter comes. I don't spend as much time outside in the winter because its cold and I'm not a fan. I'm also kind of sad my days of watering flowers this summer is coming to an end. I'll have to think of what the heck I'm going to do in the triangle area. 
Oh yes.... Midnight Sun. Well, I stopped reading it. I mean, maybe I'll come back to it but my sister in law is currently reading my copy. I just couldn't get into it and I think it is part knowing what the heck  happens but also feeling like Stephenie Meyer took the criticisms she got about her writing the first go round and tried to fix things?? It's just TOO wordy and too much angst. I still am Team Edward though and I will say, I prefer this version than Bella's because Bella sucks. There, I said it. 
I finished my mermaid DIY Kit from The Little Green Bean, and I absolutely love it! If you want to know any of the colors I used on this, let me know and I'm happy to let you know. They have a ton of cute kits to shop for if you are looking for something to do or for gift ideas. They would be really cute for kids or grown ups. I'm debating on some Christmas gift ideas.. we'll see. 
Right by my house.. trees are changing, you guys. Ugh. I'm so sad about this. I mean, I know it was bound to happen because that's how seasons work in northern Wisconsin but man.... this is DEPRESSING. I really enjoy warm weather and sunshine. I like hoodies and jeans too but man.... I very much dislike being cold, so there's that as well. Yay. 

I hope your summer is ending on high notes. I'm trying to convince Matt to sneak in ONE fun thing this summer over the weekend, but we'll see. I think I found something outdoors that we can avoid people but I'm not really sure how far away it is so I need to investigate first. If you'll remember, my planning skills aren't real great anymore so... I'll understand if he says absolutely not. Ha!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Omg, Penelope - "when in doubt, put more on." I love it!
I'm a huge fan of Fall, but I'm not excited for Winter and the really cold weather. I don't do well in extreme temps anymore. I get hot quick and I get cold quick, so it's annoying. I hope you can do something fun this weekend - even if it's not your original idea!! I can't believe that next weekend is Labor Day weekend, and September!! Just craziness. Love the mermaid kit you made. So pretty.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I have been waiting to hear if you were reading Midnight Sun. I can't decide if I want to or not. It just sounds.... meh. I want to be into it because I adore Twilight but.... I don't know.