Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Leaves, Pumpkins, Kids with Knives

I feel like a moron posting about fall fun when it literally snowed last weekend and I'm angry about it. I strongly dislike snow and yet... I just feel like winter is coming far quicker than it should be. Sigh. 

We did play in leaves that one time, though. We've yet to go to a corn maze but if we get accumulating snow that seems kind of lame. I guess we'll always have our leaf pile. 

Our tiny leave pile. It didn't matter because Penelope and Lucy thought it was the greatest thing ever. 

We even got Olivia and Jackson to join in with the little kids for just a little while. Jackson mostly threw leaves on all of the girls and Olivia served as a referee of sorts. 
They tried making "leaf angels" but it mostly was a mess and they came into the house covered in leaves. 
We have to be even with everything in this house so even after I said we're all done, Lucy had to do it too and it made me think that being four is probably pretty great. 

Matt and I had a kid-free weekend awhile ago and it was SO great. We did pretty much nothing but I don't even care, it was great. The kids all went to the grandma and grandpa's house which is THE place to be in the fall if you are a fan of pumpkins. I have never seen pumpkins carved like theirs, or even the quantity, so I'm glad our kids are into it too. 
Jackson is not a fan of pumpkin guts and I honestly can't blame him at all. I hate carving pumpkins, it really is not my thing but he likes everything after guts removal. 
Lucy was ALL ABOUT this and excitedly told me all about the weekend when she came home. 
Olivia's has a cat and it looks SO great!
Penelope couldn't wait to tell me she played with KNIVES! And it was SO MUCH FUN. I wish you could have seen her enthusiasm about knives. 
I'm really grateful my father in law took photos of all of this, including their pumpkins all together. 
Our front steps are going to be poppin', I'm just saying. I love them all so much. 

Alright, I have some more book reviews for you this week but I might even get some more Strand updates for you.. maybe. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

The kids in the leaves made my LIFE. I've been a little sad the last few days and those pictures cheered me up.

We were over at my brother's last weekend to carve pumpkins. Which involved Hayden and me eating candy corn while Ryan and Izzy carved the pumpkin. And then I ate the seeds after they were cooked.

It's supposed to snow today and I'm more than a little angry about it. And we're supposed to have family pics with the dogs on Friday and I want there to be LEAVES, not snow. Every winter the idea of running away to the Caribbean sounds better and better.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

It's crazy that it's snowing already. It hasn't happened here, but it has been kind of cold and rainy and that needs to stop! lol

Love the leaf piles! The little ones look so happy.

And omg, Penelope loving the knife. That's the best. They all did a great job, and your father in law got some awesome photos. I love Olivia's cat! I haven't carved a pumpkin in YEARS. I like painting them though - that's fun. :)