Thursday, November 19, 2020

Life is random and sometimes hard but sometimes OK

I know that these are the days we miss when everyone grows up. I know that. 

It's really hard to appreciate all of the days that I don't feel well, having to parent four children and function throughout the day is so hard some days. Some days I'm OK and I can do it. Others I really struggle and I just hope my kids look back and still think they had a good childhood. I just hope they end up OK. 

Most days everyone wants to be on me, which I suppose is a sign they like me, right? Twinky is a highly affectionate dog and he wants to cuddle someone all of the time. Between him and the two littles, I always have someone on me. Always. 
On the way to school a few weeks ago I was really stunned by the sun, it was so bright. The sky was just right so we could really see it and it looked like a ball of fire in the sky. I would have looked longer but I had to keep going and get kids to school on time. 
Batman, our last remaining cat, sits between the tub and the shower curtain. All of the time. It's so strange because there aren't water drips for him to watch, he's just.... sitting there. 
I am still working on hanging pictures up on the wall and I am always getting baby Penelope and baby Lucy things mixed up. Honestly, they look so similar. I'm probably mixing photos up of the two. (If you by chance know which is which here, let me know because I'm not actually sure. I should write the name on the back once I figure it out.)
Olivia and Jackson really struggled on making Christmas lists for me this year. They eventually gave them to me and I am working on our Christmas shopping. I am probably going to do the rest by shopping online because Covid cases are really spiking here. My poor mailman. 
About a month ago I found the PERFECT cabinet in the window of a thrift store. We have been looking for something small that fits my crockpot, lunch boxes, random sized things, but fits in this very small spot, AND can be a catch-all for keys and such. 

And here it is! I'll have to take a picture of it in the space but it is perfect and it was even painted a color that matches my kitchen decor, so that's nice!
Lucy LOVES to play with Play-doh and she nicely showed me what my boobies look like. Isn't that lovely? * sarcasm *
All of my Christmas stuff is up around the house. I have trees everywhere, I'll have to take pictures of them because they are lovely. I've got my cinnamon candle because it's my favorite. I also remembered I cannot for the life of me use a regular lighter and I cannot tell you how many times I have burned myself. 
Also, the outdoor illumination is up. Matt was less than pleased at my superior sale radar and even less pleased that I got it all in the back seat. This doesn't include the 9 foot inflatable penguins on top of presents I had in the trunk. I am really hoping I can find deals on more because I'm all about outdoor Christmas decorations. 
I also found these at Target and I had to hold myself back with only one bag. Cinnamon candy is also my jam but I also like spearmint. I'm not a fan of peppermint so much, but spearmint is where it's at.  
I also got my first box of Christmas goodies in the mail from my friend Lauren! I have packages to mail and hand deliver and I'm slowly getting those out. I started writing our family Christmas letter but I'm having a hard time remembering what we even did. I mean, pandemic had us in the house and frankly, we haven't done much, I guess. 

Our schools are going virtual until January sometime so I'm hoping we can go back. The distance learning is kind of going OK for us right now but knowing we are possibly looking at a long term situation is pretty damn depressing. I'm trying to hang in there, though. As usual. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Things are so WEIRD, aren't they? My parents just told us they'll be staying in Florida for the holidays. On the one hand I'm relieved - both are high risk and Wisconsin is a death trap (I mean, so is FL) so I know it's safer. But I can't help but be really sad. And angry. If people could just stop being selfish maybe the holidays wouldn't be such a damn mess. And of course those same selfish people are the ones still going about their lives like everything is normal.

And this is why I can't stop eating Hershey kisses and I can't seem to lose the last 20 lbs.

Laura's Reviews said...

Things are really strange right now, but we are all muddling through! I love that you are getting pictures caught up. I feel your pain, I have a lot of pictures to go through and get caught up!!

Also, if it makes you feel better, when I was in first grade I drew a topless picture of my mother and she got called to the school to explain. Oops!! She was breastfeeding my little sister at the time.