Monday, February 15, 2021

Valentine's Weekend- that's a wrap

I feel like the weekend went by so quickly and I feel like I'm not at all ready for this week. I don't have a whole ton of things going on but I am going to a neurologist appointment on Wednesday, which is kind of a second opinion/please help me kind of appointment. Matt is going to come with me and I hope this helps, but I'm still really nervous about it.  

Let's talk about the last few days. I know that these posts are not thrilling, but I've been looking at these like a memory book of sorts for me, and it helps. So let's do it. 

Can we give Jackson the award for best brother? Because he really kind of is. Lucy absolutely adores him and he lets her "do his hair" which is mostly just her aggressively brushing your hair. Sometimes she hits you with the brush and she randomly sticks things in your hair and calls it good. Regardless, a good time is had by all. 
Lucy had a Valentine party at school on Friday and I'm so glad that they could still do them despite Covid because that brought her a ridiculous amount of joy. She opened every Valentine and said, "they like me!" and honestly, if that doesn't warm your dead heart, nothing will. Penelope is going to have hers tomorrow and she is ridiculously excited. 
I took Olivia and Jackson to Target this weekend, they have gift cards from Grandma for Christmas and they decided they wanted to get some things for their room. Jackson ended up getting a hamper and a bed set, and Olivia got this cube shelf and put it together on her own. It is still so weird to go up to her room because it still feels like my room. It's also weird that she unknowingly has her room set up almost identically to how I did. I get a lot of weird vibes from it. 
Matt and I spent some time together on Sunday, so that was nice. I had to go get my headshot done for Duluth Moms Blog done so I felt like, it's Valentine's, I'm wearing real clothes AND makeup, we should do something. Well, we ended up going out to lunch at a restaurant, which was weird but also really good, and to Sam's Club because we needed lunchbox things, so that's what we did.
Matt did get me flowers AND they were delivered on Friday. I am a sucker for delivered flowers, and they smell so damn good too. My friend Tammy also sent me a huge bouquet of tulips and irises, and they smell amazing, too. My office/library/craft room smells so great AND reminds me of spring and lifts my spirits because I am freezing. 
I also glossed over my head shot stuff, but I did do that and can we just appreciate how nice my hair looks? I used a curling iron and I didn't burn my face, hand, or wrist. All of the planets aligned for that AND for me to use eyeliner and not get it in my eye. Also- I used the outfit I got from Loft a long time ago (maybe even over a year) that I had yet to wear. I felt like I had my entire life together on Sunday. 

Fast forward to today and my hair looks like a sad version of this, I'm not wearing a bra, and I grocery shopped looking like I'm on a bad bender. I'm just really tired, cold, and everything hurts. So, you know, I'm loving life over here. 

How are you? Are you frozen to death? Don't die. At least not from cold, that would suck. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Your hair looks beautiful Sara! And it sounds like it was a nice day despite the pandemic and freezing weather!

We honestly just kind of sat around. My brother and nephew came over Saturday and stayed the night, so we watched Moana and ate pizza and then had donuts in the morning. Hayden is entering the "little boy phase" which is kind of weird... one minute he was this sweet, cuddly little thing and now he's a BOY. It's so weird!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!! You look so adorable. I just wear the same things over and over these days and I don't know the last time I put any makeup on. LOL So good for you for doing it for one day!! Aw, Jackson is a good big brother. And omg, "they like me" - Lucy is a doll. I love these posts!