Wednesday, March 24, 2021

39 is swell

I am ridiculously late on posting about my birthday, but to be fair, my sense of time is absurd. It really feels like this was only a week ago but you know... it's been over two weeks so that's cool. Let's talk about it though, because it was a pretty lovely day. 

I ended up buying myself a gift before my birthday while walking through Hobby Lobby. My mom used to always sing this little song to my kids and it was just the perfect size to fit under the cupboards so I just had to get it. 
My mom got me these really pretty necklace with a moon on one side and the words on the other side. I just love it so much. 
My friend Tammy sent me a plant and I'm desperately trying to keep it alive. It's not looking great, I don't know if this is one I can bring back from the dead but I'm trying. 
My friend Michelle even surprised me with goodies and more plants, both of which are faring better than my other one. 
Matt took us all out to dinner and I'm always a fan of not having to cook because I hate cooking. 
The girls were super excited to have me open up presents and their cards. I ended up letting them open most because it was almost bedtime and things were going downhill quick. 
Jackson and Olivia also got me some fun presents. I ended up getting new gardening tools, a small TV for my office, more bookends, and other goodies. 
I got cake! I go back and forth between a standard ice cream cake from Dairy Queen or A Cheesecake Named Desire from Coldstone Creamery, which is what I got this year. It was delicious. 
That weekend though I went shopping with my friend Tammy and she always puts the BEST gifts together and I had such a great time going through it. I got this completely appropriate shirt, 
some Golden Girls goodies, 
a really beautiful handmade print from Etsy, 
a customized votive candle holder, a gift card, and other things. I just loved all of it. 
My friend Andrea has made me all official with a ring light! I'm still monkeying around with it but it is already amazing. I cannot believe I've waited this long to get one!
My friend Amy sent me this book I really, REALLY wanted, the perfect sized notebook for my purse, and a ridiculously awesome set of pens. I'm a fan of pens and frankly, you can't have enough. Flair pens are THE BEST though. Lucy told me they are smelly ones and I can't confirm that but she's forever sniffing them and has little dots on her nose all of the time. HA! 
I also bought myself a new purse. Which I haven't started using yet, but I will! I just need some time to do the switch over. You know how it is. 

Overall, I had a really great day. I felt loved and it was definitely a good pick me up when I really needed one. I received lots of well wishes online, a few cards in the mail, and just lovely texts all day. I'm a lucky gal. 

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