Friday, April 2, 2021

Jackson is a TEENAGER

If you haven't been around since the beginning of this blog, you'll not know that I basically started this blog to update my far away family on my kids shortly after Jackson was born. I felt terrible that so many of them weren't getting to see my kids and learn how cool they were, so I thought I'd start a blog, and so it is 13 years since the start of this blog, which means..... Jackson is officially a teenager. 

It doesn't really feel like a huge milestone sometimes because he isn't my last baby anymore, but then there are times where I'm like, if I didn't have Pep and Lu.... I'd only have five more years and my kids would be adults. 

That is really kind of weird to think about. 
If you don't know my kids in real life, you're really missing out because they are pretty great. Jackson is, and has always been a total mama's boy. He's my boy. He loves me more than anyone, he goes out of his way to help me at every turn, he worries incessantly about me, he is always looking for my approval, and he is such a great helper. You know, when he wakes up at a reasonable time. 
If I'm sick, he's the first one to bring me an ice pack or a bucket... depending on the day. When he's sick he absolutely wants me to completely baby him and we both agree I make the far superior grilled cheese. He's banned from making pudding. 
He's incredibly sensitive and it doesn't take much to hurt his feelings. He isn't "all boy", he doesn't love sports (he tolerates tennis and will willingly do it), he hates physical labor, and he has a weak stomach like me. I wish he didn't, because it would just be a lot more convenient if we weren't both gagging when having to clean certain things up from the pets HE wanted. 
If I could hand pick a boy for my very own, I would 100% have picked Jackson. He has all of the best qualities, and his laugh is contagious. He is also ridiculously indecisive and I have no idea where he gets that from, probably his father. 
He's also the best big brother even though he's insistent that Penelope and Lucy don't like him. They actually love him, they just really enjoy giving him the hardest time ever for the fun of it. 

His birthday falls on Easter this year and he completely hates sharing his birthday with a holiday, let alone Easter. He's never been a fan of Easter, so we're going to celebrate today. If you see him out and about, wish him Happy Birthday, but not Happy Easter. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Happiest of birthdays to Jackson! My goodness how time flies!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, I love all the photos!! Happy Belated Birthday to Jackson!! I'm not the biggest fan of Easter either. lol

He sounds like an amazing kid; you did good. ;)