Friday, February 20, 2009

Party Till The Cows Come Home

OK- so I SWEAR this is my last post. I forgot I had this one in my "to be posted" folder- so here it is:

This is the invitation to my scrapbook/card/craft party on March 15. The front anyways! It's kind of a birthday party for me, but more of a kid-free day to do whatever. Isn't this cute? I love this stamp, it's part of a birthday set from Stampin! Up and I just love it. One of my friends quickly called and asked if I'm referring to myself as a flowered cow. Well no, not today any ways! :) But the other stamp that goes with this says, "We all know how women you age love a floral moo-moo". HA! (This is not an invitation to get me floral mumu's)

Good night!!

1 comment:

Latharia said...

That card is too cute! Floral moo-moo ... THAT is funny! :D