Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vacation Pictures: Part Two

So here is part two of the trip photos. If I get more via email or something, I'll post them. The big deal of our trip was taking the kids to Magic Kingdom. I really wanted to do this before I was 30 (it's on the list, yo) and so now I can cross it off. I've never been there around a holiday, so being there at Halloween was very cool. The whole park was decorated to the nines in Halloween decor. AND, the park closed early that day (boo to that) because it was the Not So Scary Halloween Party. We didn't stay for that since it was like $20/per ticket extra.

But it was hot out- and we attempted to stay outside to see the parade. It didn't happen. We were literally burning up and getting sick from heat. But here is Matt and I before my makeup melted off. :)

We did a few rides for the kids, but since we didn't have a lot of time we missed some really fun parts of the park, so that sucked. But that just means we get to go back and spend more time, probably when Jackson is a little older.

Travis and I in Liberty Square.

We were in line orginally for Pooh and Eeyore. Well Eeyore was probably dying inside the costume, so we got Tigger and a different Pooh. Whatevs. Olivia was thrilled, and Jackson really liked Tigger.

And seriously, what kind of parent would I be if I neglected to take the kids on the Dumbo ride? For reals, yall. So we did that. Jackson was in my elephant and LOVED when we went super high up. Olivia and Rhonda did their thing in the pink elephant of course.

Here we are- like the cutest couple ever.

This one is for you, Dina. This is in the "It's A Small World" ride which is my favorite ride ever. It's got cheesy music, slightly creepy figures, but it's great. Olivia really liked it, kept getting excited as we went through each country, and Jackson fell asleep. Poor kid. I have a picture of the sign as you go in that says "The Happiest Little Cruise That Ever Sailed". Say with me people, "awww"

Rhonda and I at the Magic Kingdom entrance before leaving. I actually couldn't get up there- Matt had to hoist me. Poor Matt. I'm like 15 pounds heavier than him. :( And then I was laughing so hard- I almost fell. Thanks for laughing at me Rhonda. :) LOL!

So the next day was our trip to Clearwater Beach. I was pretty excited about it. We (Rhonda and I) spent a good 2 hours trying to convince her parents to let her go parasailing with me. I've already done it, she's always wanted to, so we decided we were doing it together. So we get up early- get to the beach before lunch. Beautiful weather. Warm, but not too warm. Sunny, light breeze. We get there- and find out parasailing is closed for the day because of the wind. I mean, yay for safety but boo for crapping on our day.

Who are those hotties? Just me and my cousin Rhonda. And how much are you LOVING my swimsuit?? I totally loved it. It never got wet, but that's a whole other story. But at least I looked awesome on the beach!

Since we weren't parasailing, Rhonda and her parents had to leave to drive back to Tennessee. So that sucked. But I am hoping she can come up to visit us this spring because my kids ADORE her. Plus I just love her to bits so it'd be fun for me to hang out with her. :) She's like a little sister to me.

Olivia being all adorable and cute.

Jackson LOVED the sand. He ate a lot of it too.

Me and Jackson at lunch

So after having lunch on the beach, which was marginal, we decided to take the kids on a dolphin cruise. Matt and I did that on our honeymoon, and Olivia was really excited to see a real dolphin, as opposed to my tattoo of dolphins. $75 later (no joke- if you live near dolphins, get yourself in the dolphin cruise business- you make good money) and we were on the boat.
Matt and I on the dolphin cruise
We saw a bunch of dolphins, but I actually got a picture of one jumping out of the water. Those bastards are fast and I took almost 60 pictures to get this one.
So after the cruise we ended up walking around Clearwater Beach to get the usual touristy things. I love shopping on the beach. I love the smell of the beach. I love the beach air. OK- already missing the beach. :(
But on our little walk I happened across the gem of a sign. This was kind of disturbing. Because doesn't everyone want to get their flu shot in a bar while listening to a band?
So that's my vacation in 2 posts. I have a ton of pictures, so I just picked a few to highlight the trip. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vacation Photos: Part One

OK, so I obviously have a ton of pictures and because I have a life I can't post them all on here. I would be here for hours, and I've got roughly 20 minutes. Because I'm tired. Jet lag sucks. And it's been a rough day in general.

Travis and Uncle Danny went to see a Tampa Bay Buccaneer game. That was Sunday. Unfortunately, they lost but it wasn't for lack of spirit I'm sure.
Then later that evening I heard the sound of a childhood favorite of mine. That's right folks- an ice cream truck. Whoever thought of marketing ice cream to small kids in little white trucks pumping out the tell-tale tune is a freaking genius. I haven't run that fast in my life. Olivia was SO excited, and I was thrilled we actually saw one. They don't have anything like that up here. If I become desperate for a job, at least I know driving around with music and ice cream will make me some money.
Jackson and Demi eating their ice cream
Danni and Olivia chowing down
These are from our visit on Monday to Madeira Beach and John's Pass. It's actually where Matt and I honeymooned- so it was fun for us to see it again.
My brother and I on the boardwalk
Jackson checking out the water. Wasn't too thrilled with it chasing him.
Olivia didn't care for the water either, but she really liked looking for shells.
Me, my mom, and Olivia
Olivia carrying shells on the beach.
Jackson just standing here. He looks like such a big boy.
The beach was great. It was nice to be out there as the sun was setting. We ate dinner on the boardwalk at a place called The Hut. Matt and I ate there before on our honeymoon. Of course Matt had seafood. That was his only seafood opportunity, so he totally grabbed it. The place was cool considering there were seagulls at our feet. Well, Travis and Jack's feet. I think they were hoping Jack would throw most of his food down, but thankfully- he was so hungry he ate all of it.
Mom and I also went into a few of the shops and bought some touristy things. She got these cool wind chimes, and I got our Christmas Ornament for the year. The drive home was tiring, but the kids did awesome. Well, the fell asleep shortly after we got going, so that was nice.
Tomorrow I will post pictures of Disney-Magic Kingdom and Clearwater Beach. But for now I'm off to bed. After I clean up the kitchen. Now that vacation is over, my regular life resumes. Yee-haw.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day Three of Vacation: We Made It!!

Yes we finally made it yo. Our flight actually left at 5, and we actually made our connection in Minneapolis (wonders never cease) and we arrived in Tampa at 11:30 p.m. We were tired but both kids actually fell asleep on the plane. This will be a short post because today we didn't do much, did a family BBQ which was awesome just to see and talk to everyone. Only a few pictures to post from that:

Jackson cleaning my Grandpa's sidewalk

Matt and I at the airport for our first attempt at flight.

Me and my cousin Rhonda

So far the vacation is going really well, and that's mainly because yah- we finally fucking made it after all of that. And I wasn't molested, groped, or had a boob grab at the airport (as opposed to my daily run to the bagel shop) so I consider that a success, but I won't get too cocky about that because who knows what the trip home holds for us. Let's just hope that we get there. HA!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Day Two of Vacation: Still Here, part 2

Yes bitches, I am still here. We were at Duluth International Airport at 4:30 a.m in the hopes to board a 6:30 a.m. to Detroit where we would enjoy Detroit's finest for 3 hours until our flight to Tampa.

Well, it was overbooked. (anyone surprised??) But we boarded. Sat in the seat for approximately 3 minutes before being taken off. The plane was a hoopty and was busted up or something. We proceed to wait....6 hours....in the secured gate until the decide they just can't fix it. SO, we can't try for another plane until 5. Which would send us to Minneapolis for approximately an hour, where we'd leave at like 7ish, getting into Tampa at 11:35 p.m. Just like what was supposed to happen yesterday. Is this some sick joke? Am I going to end up on that A&E Show with irrate air travelers?

If you hear of a woman losing her shit in an airport- you'll be able to say you know that person. Because it will be me.

Day One of Vacation: Still Here

Oh yes lambs- I'm still in Superior! We went nowhere!

NO, my vacation isn't in Superior. At this point, 1:19 a.m., I should be arriving at my uncle's house in Springhill (just north of Tampa...where we SHOULD have been flying into). But guess what? I'm not there. I'm here.

Apparently, after our flight being delayed until 5:25 p.m., only a half hour later than scheduled, we got bumped to 6:05. Still doable. We go through security, which most of you know involves practically undressing and scanning everything. (Damn you, terrorists!!) Olivia had to put Glowy-Bear through the scanner. Us, being the super smart parents, bring the only stuffed animal we have with batteries and wires, and for those of you who live with your head up your ass, will know these two things are frequently ingredients for a bomb. SO SMART WE ARE. Thankfully, I think the security people realized that the threat of a 4 year old bomb carrying child was nothing compared to the wrath of a 4 year old screaming toddler. They let us go, with Glowy-Bear, so we could all re-dress ourselves. Jackson, meanwhile, is screaming because Olivia is, and Matt is trying to quit cold-turkey from smoking which isn't going so hot. PROBABLY because I'm forcing him to do this, so the success rate isn't as high, but damn. Those things are expensive. So to pay for those AND future cancer treatments? One or the other, asshole because you aren't getting both. Don't be a selfish bastard, I say.

So we get into the secured fishbowl and are promptly told "Flight to Minneapolis delayed until 8:18 p.m., bus information coming." WTF?? Bus? You think we're getting into a bus? We'd never make the connection. OR...we could spend the night in Minneapolis. In an airport. Eh..not so much fun.

So Matt goes to the counter. 40 minutes and two screaming children later (still, they never stopped. Their lung capacity is amazing= second hand smoke hasn't gotten to them yet, yall!) Matt informs me our flight=cancelled. We'll be going home. So then after explaining to Olivia that we aren't flying today, more screaming happens. I'm losing it. We wait another 40 minutes for my parents to come back to the Duluth airport to get us. Jackson cries virtually the entire way home. He's had it and is letting us know. As if this is just fun city for us.

Our next flight is out of Duluth at like 6:30 a.m. Which means we need to be there at 5ish, leaving Superior at 4:30ish to get there at 5ish. Which means that everyone is getting woken up at 3:30ish (we're all dressed and ready, though----we'll look SO hot all wrinkled and baggy eyed. Sweet.

AND, the topper? We're in Detroit for like a 2 1/2 hour layover. Which has got to be in the top 3 of most dangerous/dirty/most likely to get mugged airports in the U.S. YAY us!! And maybe I'm wrong. But I doubt it. The last time we were in Detroit (on our way to the sex-less honeymoon), the pilots AND flight attendants told us not to go anywhere alone. Have a buddy system. Don't go to the bathroom unless you really can't hold it. Don't talk to anyone. Stay against the wall. And no eye contact.

Yah- totally can't wait for Detroit. If you never hear for me again, check Detroit Airport dumpsters. We *might* be in there. Broke, naked, and hungry. Save us! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back to my Jet-Setting ways..

Well not really. I am the furtherst thing from jet-setting but I AM flying out today to Florida. Yes, yes- be jealous. It's ok- I won't judge you.

(maybe a little)

But yes- it's my first vacation in FIVE YEARS and for those of you trying to think back on what I was doing five years ago...honeymoon. That's right- Matt and I were having a virtually sexless honeymoon in Madeira Beach, FL because our room was super nasty and gross. Luckily, I wasn't a virgin so I wasn't disappointed. Because the beach was RIGHT THERE and we were having a ton of fun doing beach stuff. Well, swimming wasn't one of them because it was sting-ray mating season and all, and they were EVERYWHERE in the water. So yeah- no swimming here, but I did get to like...look at the water. And lovely it was.

But this time we are going to be in the water, hurricanes or not, and we're going to Disney for one day, again, hurricanes or not. The kids are pumped. They have really no clue what's going on but they see luggage (well one piece people, because I? Am a mother fucking packing champion. EVERYTHING is in one suitcase. It's ok to bow down now..) and they know luggage=trips. It also means mommy calling daddy stupid because he's gotten us lost again, mommy having a nervous breakdown from all of the screaming and kids getting as much shit fed to them to get them to stop crying. All in all, it's a win-win for them.

Wait? Are you crying? Oh it's ok love- I won't leave you completely for 9 DAYS, I will periodically post pictures of our wacky travels. Because guess what? They are guaranteed to be insane with us arriving in Tampa at midnight and all. (Oh yea, at some point I will detail the retardedness that is our itinerary)

Anywho- let's fill you in on this week. Guess what? I'm 80% sure I have H1N1. Yes! It sucks. I'm on day 3, and can move without my skin hurting. I went to work for two of those days to finish up what I had to do, and went to bed at 7 each night loaded up with NyQuil. Coincidentally, NyQuil no longer makes me sleepy. I've noticed that since having Jackson I've required what amounts to horse tranquilizers to get me to get drowsy. Which is why my oral surgery after Jackson was a nightmare.

Also, I went to the doctor for my annoying wrist pain. Guess what? I have arthrites, tendonitis, AND carpal tunnel. In both wrists. Left is worse than right. Super fucking duper yall! So...I am *supposed* to wear these ridiculous braces on both wrists 24/7 if possible. Yah..not doing that. I'll wear my left one when it really hurts but I can't fucking function like that. You should see me trying to eat, go to the bathroom, or work with these on. Seriously, I become DD and feel like I should have a helper with me. Because god knows what would happen to me. It's terrible. And driving?? I had to get them off with my teeth while driving on the highway back to work from the doctor because I couldn't steer. At all. I had to use elbows, and let me tell you- driving at 90 mph (I know...the limit is 70..shut up.) with your elbows? Kind of makes me a road hazard. But oh well.

So that's it lambs. :) I'm checking out until my next post, with pictures, and you will all get to marvel at my $103.99 swimsuit. It's lovely, I promise. It's all retro and cute. PLUS, I don't look like a fat whale in it, which is always a bonus.