Friday, October 16, 2009

Day One of Vacation: Still Here

Oh yes lambs- I'm still in Superior! We went nowhere!

NO, my vacation isn't in Superior. At this point, 1:19 a.m., I should be arriving at my uncle's house in Springhill (just north of Tampa...where we SHOULD have been flying into). But guess what? I'm not there. I'm here.

Apparently, after our flight being delayed until 5:25 p.m., only a half hour later than scheduled, we got bumped to 6:05. Still doable. We go through security, which most of you know involves practically undressing and scanning everything. (Damn you, terrorists!!) Olivia had to put Glowy-Bear through the scanner. Us, being the super smart parents, bring the only stuffed animal we have with batteries and wires, and for those of you who live with your head up your ass, will know these two things are frequently ingredients for a bomb. SO SMART WE ARE. Thankfully, I think the security people realized that the threat of a 4 year old bomb carrying child was nothing compared to the wrath of a 4 year old screaming toddler. They let us go, with Glowy-Bear, so we could all re-dress ourselves. Jackson, meanwhile, is screaming because Olivia is, and Matt is trying to quit cold-turkey from smoking which isn't going so hot. PROBABLY because I'm forcing him to do this, so the success rate isn't as high, but damn. Those things are expensive. So to pay for those AND future cancer treatments? One or the other, asshole because you aren't getting both. Don't be a selfish bastard, I say.

So we get into the secured fishbowl and are promptly told "Flight to Minneapolis delayed until 8:18 p.m., bus information coming." WTF?? Bus? You think we're getting into a bus? We'd never make the connection. OR...we could spend the night in Minneapolis. In an airport. Eh..not so much fun.

So Matt goes to the counter. 40 minutes and two screaming children later (still, they never stopped. Their lung capacity is amazing= second hand smoke hasn't gotten to them yet, yall!) Matt informs me our flight=cancelled. We'll be going home. So then after explaining to Olivia that we aren't flying today, more screaming happens. I'm losing it. We wait another 40 minutes for my parents to come back to the Duluth airport to get us. Jackson cries virtually the entire way home. He's had it and is letting us know. As if this is just fun city for us.

Our next flight is out of Duluth at like 6:30 a.m. Which means we need to be there at 5ish, leaving Superior at 4:30ish to get there at 5ish. Which means that everyone is getting woken up at 3:30ish (we're all dressed and ready, though----we'll look SO hot all wrinkled and baggy eyed. Sweet.

AND, the topper? We're in Detroit for like a 2 1/2 hour layover. Which has got to be in the top 3 of most dangerous/dirty/most likely to get mugged airports in the U.S. YAY us!! And maybe I'm wrong. But I doubt it. The last time we were in Detroit (on our way to the sex-less honeymoon), the pilots AND flight attendants told us not to go anywhere alone. Have a buddy system. Don't go to the bathroom unless you really can't hold it. Don't talk to anyone. Stay against the wall. And no eye contact.

Yah- totally can't wait for Detroit. If you never hear for me again, check Detroit Airport dumpsters. We *might* be in there. Broke, naked, and hungry. Save us! :)

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