Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vacation Photos: Part One

OK, so I obviously have a ton of pictures and because I have a life I can't post them all on here. I would be here for hours, and I've got roughly 20 minutes. Because I'm tired. Jet lag sucks. And it's been a rough day in general.

Travis and Uncle Danny went to see a Tampa Bay Buccaneer game. That was Sunday. Unfortunately, they lost but it wasn't for lack of spirit I'm sure.
Then later that evening I heard the sound of a childhood favorite of mine. That's right folks- an ice cream truck. Whoever thought of marketing ice cream to small kids in little white trucks pumping out the tell-tale tune is a freaking genius. I haven't run that fast in my life. Olivia was SO excited, and I was thrilled we actually saw one. They don't have anything like that up here. If I become desperate for a job, at least I know driving around with music and ice cream will make me some money.
Jackson and Demi eating their ice cream
Danni and Olivia chowing down
These are from our visit on Monday to Madeira Beach and John's Pass. It's actually where Matt and I honeymooned- so it was fun for us to see it again.
My brother and I on the boardwalk
Jackson checking out the water. Wasn't too thrilled with it chasing him.
Olivia didn't care for the water either, but she really liked looking for shells.
Me, my mom, and Olivia
Olivia carrying shells on the beach.
Jackson just standing here. He looks like such a big boy.
The beach was great. It was nice to be out there as the sun was setting. We ate dinner on the boardwalk at a place called The Hut. Matt and I ate there before on our honeymoon. Of course Matt had seafood. That was his only seafood opportunity, so he totally grabbed it. The place was cool considering there were seagulls at our feet. Well, Travis and Jack's feet. I think they were hoping Jack would throw most of his food down, but thankfully- he was so hungry he ate all of it.
Mom and I also went into a few of the shops and bought some touristy things. She got these cool wind chimes, and I got our Christmas Ornament for the year. The drive home was tiring, but the kids did awesome. Well, the fell asleep shortly after we got going, so that was nice.
Tomorrow I will post pictures of Disney-Magic Kingdom and Clearwater Beach. But for now I'm off to bed. After I clean up the kitchen. Now that vacation is over, my regular life resumes. Yee-haw.


Sara said...

Sounds like a great time! Great pictures!

Jen Mc said...

I looked at all your pictures - how what fun!!!!! And you, chicka - look smokin' hot in that swimsuit! OWWWW!!!!! ;)
Glad you had fun - you deserve it.