Friday, October 16, 2009

Day Two of Vacation: Still Here, part 2

Yes bitches, I am still here. We were at Duluth International Airport at 4:30 a.m in the hopes to board a 6:30 a.m. to Detroit where we would enjoy Detroit's finest for 3 hours until our flight to Tampa.

Well, it was overbooked. (anyone surprised??) But we boarded. Sat in the seat for approximately 3 minutes before being taken off. The plane was a hoopty and was busted up or something. We proceed to wait....6 the secured gate until the decide they just can't fix it. SO, we can't try for another plane until 5. Which would send us to Minneapolis for approximately an hour, where we'd leave at like 7ish, getting into Tampa at 11:35 p.m. Just like what was supposed to happen yesterday. Is this some sick joke? Am I going to end up on that A&E Show with irrate air travelers?

If you hear of a woman losing her shit in an airport- you'll be able to say you know that person. Because it will be me.


KristinFilut said...

I'm still confused by the Duluth International Airport thing... I had no idea...

Wouldn't it have been less of a headache to drive to the cities and catch a plane here?

Sorry for your drama!

Sara Strand said...

Yes, it would have been. It actually would have been quicker to just drive to Florida.

Do you live in the cities? Because maybe I can be a couch surfer. On your couch. :)